OCTOBER 15, 2012
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Rockin' out!

One of the coolest families in all of Mexico!

Monkey man!

SEPTEMBER 17, 2012
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Cleaning the faunt
Cleaning the faunt

Mmmmmm......cereal with fresh milk

AUGUST 6, 2012
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JULY 2, 2012
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Bowling! I was so excited!!!!!!

Bowling! I didn't do very well :(


Me, Sister Lupita, Ramon, Ana Laura (their daughter) and E. Cruz

More baptism

JUNE 11, 2012
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My "papa" Elder (now Brother) Young came back to visit. The mexicans are my older"brothers." The one next to me is my companion Elder Cruz. The other is Elder Ramirez, one of the Assistants to President. We have an awesome family :)

MAY 14, 2012
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From the Conference with Elder Tenorio

MARCH 26, 2012
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Yeah I shrunk

The joy when the mission sent us a bunch of stuff--pillows, kitchen tools (?), etc. The microwave is on the way :)

Me and E.Casimiro dying in the middle of nowhere

from left to right...i dont know who that woman is, Omar (5), Miriam, Jose Luis (10), Angelica (12), Nelly (2), Areceli (7), Elder Casimiro, y yo!

FEBRUARY 27, 2012
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Our district from the MTC--it was the first time we were together cause one was in the baja but obviously we are separated once again.

Sister Patty Torres and her daugthers. She was the one that bought me the cake on my birhtday.

The Narciso Family. They ahve like 2 years since they got baptized and they´re super awesome.

Me and Elder Morales

FEBRUARY 20, 2012
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Hector Noe Espinozas baptism

SERVICE! From right to left--E. Serrano, E. Talbot (district leader and hilarious fattie haha he calls himself that) me, and my comp E. Morales.

Look how cool I am

MORE SERVICE! Look how happy i am :)

Zone Culiacan

TOP RAMEN!!!!!!!! Look how truly happy i am.

JANUARY 16, 2012
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Us playing Jenga!

A poem I wrote. Enjoy! (Click to zoom in).

Playing Jenga!

Me and my now former companion.

JANUARY 9, 2012

Me on a bridge on Christmas after the choir.

Santa came!

Pure joy with my new socks.

More joy with my new watch.

These past few days it got randomly super foggy in the morning. This is the street by our house.

My comp teaching Belle. She didn´t get baptized cause her husband is a beast and won´t let her leave the house to go to church :P

Me talking on the phone with Mom :)

The Choir of the missionaries of Culiacan from the church of Jesus Christ of latter day saints :) I´m in the back, on the right of the last sister missionary on the right--i wore glasses cause i lost my contact in the back of my eye :( It came out but it bugged me :/

DECEMBER 12, 2011


Yo y Elder Sandoval

Yo y fellow gringo Elder Running.

All the missionaries in Sinaloa in one room

My good pal from the MTC Elder Nordfelt diggin for treasure.

Yo in the anuario--representin T-Mec

NOVEMBER 7, 2011

Elder Crisp and Elder Sandoval


OCTOBER 3, 2011

These are fotos from the baptism. They are few but mighty. Look how solid I look in white haha.

This is a picture of San Blas. It pretty much somes it all up. Its pretty with mountains, but half the houses look like that.

SEPTEMBER 12, 2011

Us with President Cantú the first night (we ate real mexican tacos for dinner--sooooooo good)

The whole zone at Carls. They gotta love missionaries there at CArls--every Monday there´s like 20 missionaries there haha.

Good ole Los Mochis. This is a view from the walmart. You can see Starbucks, Carl´s JR, office depot, etc. Awesome ;)

Our first baptism with Alma. I think i told you it was pouring rain. This was the "silly" one--it was the best one I got.

The House of Prayer

Me and Elder Young today before he left. He was an awesome guy--a really good elder, and a really good friend. He was so freaked out to go home--he has no idea what he´s going to do. He said he didn´t know before and just assumed he would figure it out but never did---that´s waht´s going to happen to me! But i´ve got time before i have to worry about worrying about what i´m gonna do.

Zona El Fuerte: Bottom Elder Sandoval; middle Elders Young, Ruiz (both branch presidents), Mendoza (zone leader), Running, Ruiz; top yo, Schwab, Gonzalez (other zone leader), and Luna. Its completely different now with the changes--Young, Gonzalez went home, and Schwab, Luna, and Sandoval went other places. This is my first zone though--they made zone tshirt--i´ll getcha a pic of that--its pretty funny looking. But it was a joke--i´ll tell you about it next time.

The ocean from the air

California from the air



Me and my mtc companion, Elder Shipp.

MTC district (bottomleft Elders VanDyke, Nordfelt middle Hall, Prince, Wiscomb, Krites, Udall, Skenendore; top Shipp, yo, Meacam) Elders Nordfelt, Shipp, Meacam and I are here in Culiacán. Vandyke, Wiscomb, Udall and Skenendore are in Peru, and Hall, Prince, and Krites are in Chihuahua