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June 16, 2011

So this week has absolutely FLOWN by-so did last week. They don't lie when they say they do. Some cool lil tidbits: an elder from Temecula played the piano for a special musical number in a fireside. I don't know him but he always played solos in like Youth firesides and stuff. Also i saw a sister that's from Temecula. I think its Fronk but i'm not sure i don't know her i just recognized her. Does Amy? Also Kyle Collinsworth the BYU basketball player is here--i see him all the time so that's pretty cool. Also i saw an Elder that was in the session that i officiated. I remember cause he looks like he's 12 years old. That's kinda weird. Also me and Elder Shipp got a calling in the branch! Woot woot! We are sacrament coordinators which means we jsut pick who blesses and passes the sacrament. Its easy but its still cool. The oldest district in our branch left this week so we only have 2 left. Next week 4 of the Elders in my district are leaving for the Peru MTC for the rest of the time so we'll only have 7 in our district. We'll probably get another district next week though. Also next week is that Mission president training so there'll be Apostles here :D

My companion Elder Shipp got this blister on the bottom of his foot and it got infected--that was a couple days ago. So the past couple days he's been on crutches so i've had to be his nurse and get his food and carry his stuff and everything.It wasn't bad it was kinda fun. However, we had to spend time in the clinic here and for some reason the companions of Elders/Sisters who have to be at the clinic are SUPER WEIRD. All of them (except for me naturally :P) were just out of this world weird. I don't know what's up with that. I've got to endure one more appt of sitting in the waiting room and then hopefully I'm done with that.
So you know we have Devotionals from General Authorities every Tuesday night. This week it was Sister Wixom, the Primary President, and that was really good. We sang primary songs and all this stuff but of course the Spirit was really strong and we learned alot. What's better about these devotionals is we have a "District Devotional Review" afterward which is bascially a testimony meeting and the testimonies of the Elders in my district are so strong and I feel the Spirit so strong its just awesome. Word on the street from our Zone Leaders is that President Monson is speaking either next week or the week after. Needless to say that'll be awesome.
Some how i forgot last week, but tell Dad happy birthday for me. Or should i say ¡Felix Cumpleaños! Spanish by the way is going really well. i heard one of my teachers talking to another teacher about our district and he said we were WAYYYYYYY ahead of any district he's ever had in not only Spanish but also teaching. Its all about District 1B! Woot woot! I'm probably farther ahead in spanish than i was in high school. And nowadays i can actually say what i want to say in my prayers in Spanish which is really cool. No dreams in spanish yet though. But i'll get there.

Its kinda hard to comprehend time here. The weeks go by really fast but the days go slow; it feels like we've been here forever but also like we just got here. Its hard to explain. Its like norml time comprehension doesn't apply aqui en la CCM (thats MTC en espanol). The district leaving this week made me wish i could just go out now. I could pick up spanish out there. i just wanna get going teaching real investigators. But i gotta wait 6 more weeks. That challenge you gave me to look at my talents really turned into me looking at the things that i'm not good at and striving to "make those weaknesses strong (Somewhere in Alma--no recuerdo donde). The main one i thought of is patience. There are a lot of things i still have to learn though i feel i could teach people very well now. I just need to humble myself and be patient and also diligent. High school was so easy i never really had to study so i'm having to learn really how to diligently and effectively study the gospel. The Spirit is helping so much though its ridiculous. I feel i've been blessed with humility and perspective but i need to improve my patience (in everything, including waiting for certain people to write me :/ )and diligent study. And also i don't thingk at all it'd be a distraction if you wrote everyday. it kinda bums me out cause everyone else gets at least 2 letters a day. i just wanna hear from people. i don't really care who. Obviously i wanna hear from SOME peop0le more than others but still. i don't need 5 letters a day like one Elder gets. But i've got an hour to kill before i go to bed and it would be fun to spend some of it reading a letter or two. and also i need to know which gift cards to send so ask Nikki, Nathan, and Amy (and if you want one let me know :) )

Its kinda funny but the big thing around here is Tie Trading. Its like the black market of the MTC. I don't really care what my ties look like so i haven't gotten into it. Oh, The word on the street is that silk ties' color melts off in the heat in Mexico. I don't know if that's true but if it is i'll be left with like 3 ties that are polyester. I'm not asking you to buy me more ties--just hinting (all my ties are pretty much the same--striped. so if you do wanna send a a couple more than please don't get striped.) Again hint hint :) Also i haven't checked the book store yet but i think i might need dandruff shampoo. If i need it and the book store doesnt have any i'll let you know. Oh and by the way--i've got an appt tomorrow to get my hair cut so that'll be SO MUCH fun! Also (sorry i'm remembering things randomly haha) we're not allowed to shake hands or anything these days cause apparently there's this thing called "THE NOVA VIRUS" DUH DUH DUH that is going around like Provo or something. Its jsut the stomach flu really but people are freaking out. Anyway I think that's it. Matt Kemp is a beast. I heard Lebron totally bagged on his teammates-- is that true? That was all the worldly info i have questions about haha--but keep sharing those too. I love you all :)

Elder Crisp