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June 23, 2011

The weeks are going by faster and faster--it seems like i just wrote my last email. A couple things por favor: can you please give me Katie's address and kent's address? And also what's the deal with the debit card? And can you please have Grandma tell her and grandpa's conversion story-- and also Mom's mom grandma's too. Thanks :)
So yesterday 4 of our elders in our district left for the Peru MTC so we only have 7 inour district now. We sang them a hymn whcih is like the tradition for spanish speakers. Himno 88 is "placentero nos es trabajar" and its only a Spanish hymn. its kinda like God be with you till we meet again but more powerful. It weird cause two of them were by far the loudest and it was super quiet yesterday--they're all great though so we're gonna miss em. We did get a new district in our zone though so that'll be fun. Also that mission president seminar is this week--i haven't seen any apostles yet but i will. There's a special devotional tomorrow so most likely that'll be by an apostly. The updated word on the street is President monson is speaking on tuesday. But we'll see. I really don't have much to write about today I'm sorry. There's just not that much to tell. Its becoming more and more normal. We have the same schedule so its going by faster. We teach a lesson pretty much every day and we're are learning some great things. One of our teachers (we have two) was gone so we had Hermano Jimenez teach us--he's from Mexico so he told us alot aobut the culture and what we need to remember as we teach. one thing he said was to NEVEr talk about soccer because then you won't be able to teach cause that's all they'll talk about. he was great and he also gave great insight on Spanish. He's acutally one of Haden's teachers--i'm jealous haha jk. Its amazing how simple the Gospel really is. Our purpose is "To invite others to come unto Christ by helping them receive the Restored gospel through faith in Jesus Christ and his atonement, repentance, baptism, recievin the gift of the HG and enduring to the end." if you read 3 Nephi 11 or 27 or 2 Nephi 31, that's literally "The Gospel of Jesus Christ." Studying the lessons, its really hit me how simple the Gospel is. I love the constant presence of the Holy Ghost. There are times wehn i'm tired and i zone out and think about home or other things, but all i really have to do is pray to get teh spirit to help me focus and it happens. I'm loving it. I am getting a tad impatient and i'm working on it-- I wanna teach really investigators! sometimes i wish i went English speaking so i could do that but again i have to realize that i'm going to Mexico because the Lord needs me there. There is at least one person in the Culiacan mexico mission that needs to hear the gospel FROM ME. That's a thought that makes me so grateful for repentance so that i can be completely worthy of that kind of daunting call. I'm learning to listen to the promptings of the spirit which is what i feel i really need to work on. Prayer and strengthening my relationship with Heavenly Father and Jesus are high up there too.
The following is for dad (happy father's day by the way :) ) :
Querido Padre,
Por favor traduces esta mensaje y comparte con la familia. Tambien por favor lees esta mensaje y me dices que es correcto y que es mal. Tengo maestors quien poden decirme pero este es para divertirse (?). La próxima semana es la última semana puedo a enseñar en íngles. Después de la próximo semana debo enseñar todo en español. Enseñamos un pocito en español pero las lecciones son terrible. Estuve bien. El don de lenguas ha venido a mi ya. No puedo roll my r´s en toda mi vida pero oré que yo puedo y de repente una noche yo puedo roll my r´s. no es perfecto, hay a veces cuando no puedo y tengo a practicar mucho, pero yo sé que Dios me ayudó en esta situación. He tenido más experiencias cuando El Señór me ha dado revelacióm personal. yo siento el Espíritu casi todo el tiempo y le ama. Te ama mucho y aprecio todas las cosas haces para mi. Te veré en dos años (menos tres semanas)
I love you all and i miss you all. I'll talk to y'all next week.
Elder Crisp
ps i did write to Tucker-- i haven't heard from him yet. I see Haden all the time-- he says hi. So apparently the tie thing is called a "tie tan" The color jsut bleeds onto your shirt. I don't need anything more. Thanks. I did like the sweets though :)