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June 30, 2011

Hola! Hey if ya haven't noticed i email in the morning so if you really wanna know something from me write me like Wed morning at the latest. Thx. Hey can you check with Amy and see if she got my email--if she didn't i'll have to send it again. She just didn't write me so i was wondering.

WARNING: This is really randomly constructed because there's so much to say and not much time :)
We had a fireside on Sunday by the manager of church mission dpt and he had missionaries come up and tell what they were giving up in coming on a mission. one said "sports" and the speaker talked about Jimmer getting drafted and then he said "Well WE tried to draft him but he chose the NBA instead." BURN ON JIMMER! The whole room busted out laughing. i wonder what Kyle collinsworth thought about that.

I heard about Bro Chase from Sis Rock--CRAZY! Tell him i'll be praying for him. i'll also be praying for Ben. Give him that same advice--i wasn't strong at all and i wasn't a talker like the Claytons and all them. i just went out, worked hard and played and i hit .430, was starting shortstop and won the HEART award. Don't get down when you don't get recognized--that was one of the reasons i quit. i thought i was good enough to get a shot at Varsity and i didn't get it and i got down. NEVER GET DOWN. Just work hard--the coaches notice that. Dexheimers a good coach. i will add him to my personal prayer roll. its gotten pretty hot here aznd you know its utah hot so its not fun. Yesterday and today there was this random Thunderstorm but its gone now. I agree about stepehn and the pat. blessing. I think i shoulda gotten mine wayyyyyy sooner. it woulda helped me alot. even thought i went to Church and had leadership callings, i was never as mature as everyone thought. it would've helped me alot.

This week was so great its hard to know what all to say. The mission presdient seminar was this week. on friday we had a special devotional. THERE WERE 7 APOSTLES THERE! I WAS 100 FT AWAY FROM EM! There was Russell Nelson, Dallin Oaks, M Russell Ballard, Jeffrey Holland, Richard Scott, Neil Anderson, and David Bednar. Bednar spoke and he talked about how to become a "PMG" missionary. it was one if not the greatest talk i've ever heard and i can't even wxplain the Spirit that was in that room. Pure awsomeness. Then on sunday there was a combined priesthood meeting and Roger Connors spoke. it was weird. i talked to him after and he said he was gonna try and get a hold of Dad. He said he'd ran into too many Crisps not too. The lines were food were really long all week cause they closed half the cafeteria but friday night made it ALL worth it.

Spanish is going SUPER well. we're still working on teaching completely in Spanish but its going well. We've had a bunch of subs becuase our teachers have been gone alot but its cool cause they all put all their insights and testimonies into the lessons cause they're only teaching us onece. one of the subs, Brother Johnson is the little brother of Brother Johnson who was my teacher at Fullerton institite. CRAZY! Great news, i understood most of waht Dad said in his lettter some of them i had to look up but i got most if it. i can read Spanish pretty well but its just speaking it now. We'll get there eventually.

Tell Riley hi for me-- nathan said he yells my name everytiome he goes past teh MTC haha--i'll be listening for it :) That reminds me-- i sent Tucker a letter my first week and i haven't gotten a response. i used only a US stamp. i'm wondering if that's why--ask Riley if he knows. Heads up-- Nathan sent me 3 letters this week. Yeah that's more that you haha jk. Not gonna lie though, people aren't writing me as much as i would've hoped--especially CERTAIN people. it kinda bums me out for liek a second then i get over it.

Este es la espanol seccion de la carta. Hoy fuimos al temple por el ultimo vez antes de lo serra para estar limpiada. Puedo ir a uno mas vez antes de salgo a Mexico y entonces necesito esperar dos anos (menos dos meses por supuesto) Solamente un vez por dos anos :( En cerca de una semana tendremos la oportunidad ir a la "consulate" en SLC para obtener nuestras visas. No se exactamente cuando, pero lo estara divertida. A hora you quiero les doy testimonio a ustedes. yo se que las Iglesia de Jesucristo de los santos de los ultimos dias es verdadera. Lo se con cada fibra en mi cuerpo y cada particula en mi alma. yo se que Jose Smith fue un profeta y tradujo El Libro De Mormon, y se que lo verdadero es la palabra de Dios. he venido amar las historias del Libro de Mormon. Yo se que Thomas S Monson es un profeta en hoy dia. Se que el solamente camino a regresar a Dios es tener fe en Jesucristo, arrepentirse de los pecados, ser bautizado y recibir el don del Espiritu Santo y mas importante para ustedes, perseverar hasta el fin. Se que podemos siemper arrepentir de nuestros pecados por la Expiacion de Jesucristo. Yo se que oracion es real y es muy importante. Padre Celestial es literalmente nuestro Padre y le quiere oir de nosotros. La casa mayor yo se que es ¡Jesucristo vive! Les amo con toda mi corazon. ¡Les veré en viente y tres meses!

Johns Incredible Pizza is the most incredible place ever....except the temple, the MTC and Mexico of course :P

-Elder Crisp
Its kinda a pain to send pictures--you gotta get them developed--you can;'t upload them to the computer. I'll see waht i gotta do. Also, i CAN send stuff home, so I'll probably send my temple stuff and those scripures back home...if i find the time to do all this stuff. also, i'm gonna send you the letters that i wrote for Katie and Kent. If you could PLEASE get those to them it would be much appreciated.