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June 4th, 2011

Hola, mi familia!
I sent a letter because they told me to but I have time right now so I'll write an email and you'll get that letter probably Monday that'll pretty much say the same thing except you'll be able to read this. They tell me that the myelder.com is good only for when i'm here at the MTC because it'll cost the same to send a regular letter to Mexico but its good when i'm here because I only have a half hour once a week to email or write letters and you'd obviously get emails quicker than letters. My p-day is Thursday but i've got preparation time today for a couple hours. Send those letters anytime though-- then i can have a lot to respond to on Thursdays. Anyway its been great so far. All the elders in my district are really great and they have really strong testimonies and there's nobody super weird so that's good :) We lost an elder though--he disappeared on Thursday and they found him in his room packing and he was gone in an hour. Poor guy--we don't know why he left. By the way, even though they said they WOULDN"T provide them, they provided Spanish scriptures. I don't think I can send packages only recieve so I don't know how we'll deal with that. Spanish is going pretty well so far. I can bear my testimony and pray in Spanish. They told us we should not say another prayer in English so its tough. I've resorted to a little bit of Spanglish. When i don't know how to say something I'll say it in English. I'm sure Heavenly Father can understand me. I've got the 1st lesson pretty much down--in English. It'll take a couple of weeks to start getting it in Spanish. It feels like its been like two weeks but its been three days because the days are so long but I'm already starting to get used to it. Last night I was actually able to sleep for the first time--the first two nights especially the first were absolutely terrible but last night was good. I actually dreamed and didn't wake up every ten minutes. Like i said the days are so long but i'm always learning. My teachers are really good, though one of them always speaks Spanish and its tough to understand but we get there. We had gym for the first time yesterday and i played some basketball. They also have volleyball and four-square and from what i saw the four square was super intense. Maybe i'll play that today. Anyway there's really not much that i can share with you--its all just learning stuff. No great missionary experiences yet but they'll come. Tell me how Stephen did--did they win it all? I assume they did. And how about Ben with all-stars? How are the NBA Finals going? The last i heard it was 1-1. How about the Dodgers. Are they still enfuego? Oh i just remembered. My watch broke yesterday haha. One of the clips that hold the links together broke off so now i basically have a pocket watch. I saw Haden yesterday--i mean Elder Jaramillo haha. It was cool to see someone I knew. My companion went to BYU so he knows a bunch of people. His name is Ethan too by the way--i thought that was weird. Anyway, one of our Zone leaders was his Elders Quorum President in his ward at BYU so that's kinda crazy. My head has been pounded with so much information in the past couple days I can't even like begin to organize my thoughts right now. It's weird...i'm finding all these little messages in my shirt and pants pockets. I don't know what's up with that :P Thanks for those. They're fun :) I'll never forget your email, I'll remember your favorite scripture, and....i can't remember the others ones I've seen so far. We have laundry today which is weird cause we really don't need to wash anything. Its not like are clothes are getting dirty right now and its been three days. But what'er. Sundays from what i can see are going to be cool. We'll have a lot of time to learn and relax and stuff. This Sunday will be different thought because its fast sunday you know so we really don't have much to do except like sacrament meeting and a couple other meetings. The other sundays are full of meetings. Anyway I've only got three minutes left--they actually have a timer and it times you out when you're time is up so I've got to power down a little bit. Oh by the way we have these ID cards and every week they put 6 dollars on them to buy stuff at the store so that's cool. Anyway, again send letters all throughout the week so i can have a lot to talk about on Thursdays. I miss you guys and i love you all.
             -Elder Crisp, tu misionario :)