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June 9th, 2011

Hey, from now on, instead of sending me emails use the dearelder because i only have thirty minutes to read and write emails so if you send letters during the week I can just spend the email time writing. Tell dad that too; he sent me some emails-- i'll respond to all the emails here. Thanks :) So i've learned they don't lie when they say time flies after the first Sunday. Its hard to explain but the days go kinda slow but the weeks go by fast or at least they will until i get the itinerary for when we leave--we've learned that from the oldest district in our zone.I like sending letters better than emailing but then it takes longer to get there but i would like to reward those who write to me with giftcards i can't use :) So i've got $5 In n Out, $5 Starbucks, that $20 JC Penney (from Uncle bill--i can't use it so i think its okay), $5 Spicy Pickle, and $5 Cold Stone. So who ever wrote first between Nikki and Nathan gets first pick then Amy (unless you and Dad want one too) Those are the choices.
So its been really awesome so far. We had our first Devotional from a General Authority on Tuesday by Elder Kikuchi from the Seventy from Japan. He told that story of the boy in Japan whose dad was killed by American soldiers and then missionaries came to his door and he hated them but they softened his heart and he got baptized. You've probably heard that story. That was actually HIS conversion story. He also taught about having our own Sacred Grove. It was so powerful and I actually cried i felt the Spirit so strong. I can count on one hand how many times that's happened in my life so that's news. Spanish is going well so far. OUr District President promised us if we are obediant to the MTC rules that we won't even have to worry about Spanish and i can feel that already. I wish all of you could be here and feel the Spirit that is constantly here. Its an awesome feeling. Teaching is also going well. We've got the first lesson pretty much down. Me and my companion Elder Shipp (his first name is Ethan too by the way--i don't know if i told you that) are doing work haha. We got to go to the temple today for the first time and that was really cool.
Unfortunetly i can't get out into the outside world. Maybe wehn we're about to leave they'll give us info on sending stuff. Tell Grandma about dearelder too--it really is the best way to go though I've said about a fourth of what i want to say and its taken up half my time so I dont' know. And yes you can put my name in the prayer roll if you really want to.
To Nikki and Nathan: I knew that you guys would eventually dye Coco again. It was inevitable :) And nathan sorry but i won't be able to wear the bowtie--i could save it for when i get back but i can't wear it--you probably already knew that though. And i am eating some cereal. ITs funny, i only really eat Life cereal, and someone wrote "Eternal" in front of it in the container so i eat a lot of Eternal Life for breakfast.
To Amy: Thanks for writing. Its weird to not have you guys around too. And i'm missing you all but i'm not like sad--its weird. The third night i got a little sad but i was just tired--that was the only time. and by the way, don't like get married while i'm gone or anything--i wanna be there. Just wait :)
I'm having trouble like gathering my thoughts--there's been so many awesome things happening i can't really think of specific ones but just know that I'm am learning so much about the Gospel and about Jesus and about everything that its ridiculous. Spanish is coming and its not really like worrying me, but we're supposed to be only speaking Spanish in like three weeks or at least when we teach so maybe when that  comes i'll worry but i don't know. Well, have fun and don't get sick. I'll pray for you all :)
-Elder Crisp

PS: I need some more shirts cause we have gym everyday: so you can take the big box of clothes and send me plain ones or buy em or whatever. If its too much work I can deal with the two i've got. And can you send facewash--like the one Amy uses. Gracias :)