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July 14, 2011

Querido Familia,
So this has been my week: THURSDAY: our journey to the mexican consulate was super weird--i hadn't been outside the MTC in over a month. All we did was have our picture taken then we signed some papers and then we left. It was still fun though and i got a nap on the way back so that was good. FRIDAY: We had this sub today who was Japanese from hawaii who went to spanish speaking Arizona. That was rather strange but it was good. he showed a clip of an older Dveotional by ?Elder Bednar--its hard to explain but he basically saved Elder Packer's wife's life when when he was a missionary in Germany. I don't know if you can look it up but the point was Bednar had an impression that he didn't even know was an impression until 20 years later and it was huge. It takes to much to explain--try and look for it. if you don't find it tell me and i'll let you know about it--its awesome. SATURDAY: No mucho. SUNDAY: Sundays are the bestest! The oldest district left on Monday so on Sunday we (my district) sang "Para siempre Dios este con vos" which is God be with you tillwe meet again. it was the first time i sang in like a real like singing performance. Of course i could only sing the melody but it was cool anyway. Sundays are awesome cause we have like 5 hours of personal study time which is muy chido (very cool). MONDAY: We officially became the oldest district in the zone when the other left which is super weird. Other than that no mucho. TUESDAY: No mucho. WEDNNESDAY: No mucho. We got another district with 4 more hermanas. We have learned thru the hermanas already in our zone that they are way better at everything than us. We were taught by the 3 already here yesterday adn it was like impossible to say no to them just because the spirit is there and stuff som uch stronger than when we teach. We've decided that the reason that all women aren't asked to go is because everyone would get baptized and then it wouldn't be a test for the world. Well i just gotta say that i wanna get the heck out of here and get on to Mexico. i still gotta learn me some spanish but i wanna start being a missionary now. I need to be patient.
Awesome news: i could understand every thing Dad said in his letter to me. I think i said this already but i can write and read pretty well now but i just gotta transfer it to speaking. i thought it was weird that in your last letter you started with "Hey buddy." it made me smile :) Anyway- i have 3 razor heads left on the hydroblast one. I don't know if you wanna send more now or wait. Doesn't really matter to me. i do need body wash soon and i want the same Suave kind--it makes me smell good :) I could use maybe one or two frames and some thumb tacks to hang up the rest. not big frames though--just simple ones. And i don't want any specific treats--just whatev :) Just wondering; has EVERYONE been getting letters i've sent? Did stepehn, amy, and the rocks get their letters/ I don't thin k i've gotten a response from any of the letters i've sent in the past 2 or 3 weeks-except for amy once. And also from someone else but i'll tell you about that. Some worldly requests: who won the college world series? Did you guys watch that? Are the indians stilli n first place? Who all is in first place right now? That's all i got. Too bad about matt kemp in the HR derby--he'll get another shot at it. I go into the book store almost everyday--i'll probably see Erin sometime.

Elder Crisp