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July 21, 2011

Hola familia! Sorry this is really randomly constucted--i have to go really fast today cause my computer was stupid so i have less time. And sorry i don't have much to say today because nothing's happened. It feels like it was just yesterday i was emailing y'all. Hopefully that speed continues until August 1st.
Can you tell all the YM/YW that sent me letters gracias for me. That was pretty random--i don't know if you knew about that--it was like a care package with random stuff in it. It's too bad i wasn't able to go to teh beach before i left--oh well--hopefully the beach will still be there when i get back. You never know with global warming. That reminds me-- so what's the deal w/ the potential move? I was just wondering. Seeing that story of the Japanese missionaries i caould see how people could see that as a coincidence but it happens ALL THE TIME--its just too obvious that they're real stories of divine help. That also reminds me-- i was trying to imagine what you sounded like speaking Japanese. i think you should relearn and speak it when i get back. i'll even invite you missionary style: Mom, WILL you learn Japanese so i can know what it sounds like? Good, thank you :)
I got my package(s) and i got everything except ties--i assume you weren't able to find any which is fine. If i need some i'll buy em down there--i bet there'll be some cool native ties--Thanks for the goodies. I haven't been in the bookstore so i haven't seen Erin but i'll be in tehre cause i gotta spend the money on my card. I have seen a few elders from our stake--i ran into Elder Starr (i think his name is Dallin)--i never like knew him but he thought i looked familiar and i him so that was kinda cool. I think Trevor Anderson is coming in next week--he's going to Mexico too. He could be in my zone i think. There's so many missionaries here right now--we've gotten a new district in our zone three weeks in a row and it'll probably be four next week. It's just loco. By the way, i'll be sending some stuff home--like those scriptures and my temple clothes. I think i'll have to leave the case casue tis too big and i don't wanna bring it. I'll probably send the letters i'lve gotten home too. sorry- i don't think the picture thing is gonna work out--its a total pain in the butt to get em developed and there's always a line. I think you'll just have to wait--maybe not i don't know. Thanks for the pictures you sent thought. You can share that poem with anyone you want--its not like i'll be embarrassed--I'll be like 1000 miles away in two weeks. We might get our travel plans today whcih is crazy. I'm trying my hardest to stay focused but its hard. I'm doing well with it though. I'm gonna be in another country, speaking a different language in like 110 degree weather (apparently its particularly hot in Culiacan--thats waht the lady at the consulate said). Anyway i can't wait :) But i still gotta learn so much especially in Spanish. Pero está bien. Si hago todo yo puedo para aprender la idioma y también más sobre el Evangelio de Jesucristo, el Señor, Jesucristo su mismo, me ayudará. Yo sé que él vive. Yo sé que guía esta obra. Yo sé que si intento con verdadera diligencia yo seré exitoso en esta obra. Yo sé este es verdadero. Si yo soy obediente tendré el Espíritue y entonces en realidad no se importa las palabras digo. La gente sentirá que las cosas you digo son verdaderas. Estoy empezando a pensar un poco en español el cual es muy chido. No sé si estoy listo a ser un bueno misionero todavía, pero yo confio en mi Padre Celestial, y el Señor Jesucristo y el Espíritu Santo. Y lo siento que no tengo tanto para decirles pero no hay historias chidas todavía. Tuve un maestro quien dijo que la mayoría de los misionaros en las americas latinas (?) tienen un bautismo en la primera semana. ¡Tengo mucho ánimo por México! No preoccupe, tendré muchas historias para tú que puedes compartir con todos cuando yo vaya a México.

To Ben: Thanks for writing--the HR derby sounded different. They should do whay they did in Hockey for the all star game: pick 2 captains and all the allstars and have a draft. Then they can stop having the winner get homefield advantage cause that's stupid. Its cool that the NL won again though. You should be my official sports person--you report to me any major sports news. I'll go all missionary on you too--WILL you be my sports reporter? Thanks :)
I'm running out of time so i think i'll have to send another letter cause i gotta talk to Amy, Dad, and Stephen too. I miss you all and hope you're doing awesome! ¡Nos vemos en a cerca de 22 meses!
-Elder Crisp