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July 7, 2011

Tengo 25 dias hasta que Mexico!

Hola familia!
Otra vez: this is randomly constructed. Sorry bout that. Unfortunately i don't have much to share this week cause not much has happened.

En respuesta to your letters from this week: I think Roger Connors is in a District presidency or something. The talk was really good by the way-- on prayer. That's cool about Nick's mom. i remember back wehn i was playing baseball nick asked me questions and stuff about church. i hope i was a good example. i know Bro Scott has given himn a book of mormon and i'm sure Ali is an example too. Haden is leaving next week--he said he's nervous cause he doesn't know as much Spanish as he would've liked but i'm sure he'll do great. i always knew he had a strong testimony even though he didn't always show it. i wish i would've studied the BOM more before i came here. Then i could have just fine tuned my knowledge. oh well--i'm loving the opportunities to study and teach. Tell Sam i love him and miss him too. Josh too when he gets there or is it his turn now? it is a very dangerous combination with Stephen+Riley+Brenan. you never know what's gonna happen. But i love em--they're so funny. Great news about Matt Kemp and maybe Ethier. i'm afraid this whole owner thing will ruin the team--i think Kemp and Ethier and all them will leave when they can. i hope not though. That was my worldly moment.

I hope your 4th was good. We had a special Devotional saturday night and it was just awesome. Its hard to explain but the way they did it i felt the Spirit so strong testify to me of the truth of the work--they celebrated all the missions of the world. Then we watched the fireworks from the Stadium of Fire. Somehow some international missionaries got offended even though they explicitly said it wasn't just about America. The MTC president had to apologive after the Tues devotional. Some people get offended way too easily. I'm gonna send you a copy of my notes for Elder Bednar's talk event hough its probably all online. The devotioanls and firesides are soooo awesome. On the sunday fireside Dallin H Oak's daughter, Jenny Oaks Baker, who is a world renowned absolutely amazing violinist came and performed a bunch of hymns. One of them her 3 daughters performed I Am a child of God with a 9 yr old on the piano, an 8yr old on teh violin and a 6 yr on the cello. Everyone stood and clapped after that. That must have been crazy for them. She's got albums out if you're interested. in fact her latest is apparently #1 in the classical genre. Just a thought.

Some district news for ya. After 4 and a half weeks they change district leaders, but this time it was kinda crazy because the district that is leaving in our zone has the zone leadesr, so they had to make more changes.I'm gonna use elders' names to make it less confusing. So Elder Krites was released a DL and Elder nordfelt was called. Elder krites, hall and prince were in a trheesome and were in the same room cause they're going to Chihuahua, and then Elder shipp, nordfelt, mecham and I were in the other cause we're all going to Culiacan. But Elders Krites and hall were called as the new zone leaders so they put Elder prince in a new threesome with Elders nordfelt and mecham, which also meant we had to change rooms. So Elder Shipp and I had to switch and move into Elder Krites and Halls' room. It was like the first night all over again but i'm used to it now. All of these elders are jsut awesome by the way. I learn so much from their ridiculously strong testimonies.

My letter did get to Tucker and he wrote back. he also sent me a couple pictures of us and the other boys. Everyone elso has pictures of their families. Can you send me some? not too many--just a couple. Thanks. It's so awesome--today, us elders who are going to Culiacan are going to SLC to get our visas. It's gonna be sick. It ALMOST makes up for the temple being closed. Lo siento por no seccion de espanol. Pues, este sera un seccion poca. Puedo actualmente sentir el Espiritu mientras enseno y puedo ensenar todo en espanol bien a hora entonces es muy chido (that means cool ;)). Espanol esta yendo muy bien. Es todo tengo hablar a vosotros. Estoy aprendiendo el subjuctivo y me hace confundido. Casi lo tengo.

A'ight back to english. I've been reading Alma lately and I've found some awesome scriptures. Alma 28:13-14 and Alma 29:9. The stories of Ammon and Aaron teaching the kings are awesome too. I'm getting to the great sermons of Alma and Amulek in 32 thru i don't know what but it's gonna be sick! haha. I've also been reading in Jesus the Christ. If you haven't read that READ IT. its kinda tough to udnerstand sometimes cause James E tAlmage is a genius but its so good. There's so much you can learn about the Savior. For me one of the things i realized was he was just like us growing up. he had to develop into the Jesus who taught and did all those miracles. He didn't know everything when he came to Earth. That just strengthens my testimony so much about the power of Christ and his Atonement. its by far the hardest thing ever done on this earth and he was really just a man when he was on Earth except with perfect faith and all that of course :) It also helps understand the parables alot--that's what i just got thru reading. Its just awesome. Also read Preach My Gospel. Chapter 6 is all about developing Christlike attributes which is applicable to all not just missionaries. Again sorry I didn't have much to say. There was a crazy thunderstorm the other night that was pretty random but it was cool. I hurt my knee playing basketball but is a'ight. Que mas?...............................nada. Sorry. Have an awesome week! Esta muy bien aqui. Tengo menos de cuatro semanas antes de salgo para Mexico! Os amo! Hasta proximo jueves!

Elder Crisp