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So i´m not in my area because its on the edge of the mission. my companion is American but President Cantu said he´s the best hes got which is cool. So the deal is they´re opening a new branch and my companion is going to be the branch president which basically makes me his conselor. i don´t have much time cause we gotta go but its awesome here. its ridiculously hot but i dont really care. yes i did get the debit card. i´m sorry bout your uncle paul. Anyway i have pday on monday so change up yer schedule. Im so excited right now i can´t even tell you. my mission president is awsome and i just cant wait to get started. Becuase my area´s so secluded though we have to stay the night in a another place and then we´re going tomorrow. anyway that´s all i got for ya. Les amo. ¡Hasta lunes!
-Elder Crisp :)