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August 22, 2011

This week has been really really really really really really really hot. Its probably been like 105-110 degrees out here. I got kinda sick on SAturday--the mission nurse told us not to go out so i wouldn´t get more sick so we stayed in all day which was weird. Anyway we eat lunch with members everyday but we have to eat dinner when we get home at like 9--i either make a pb and j or a ham and cheese sandwich. Boring but after so long without food each day it just hits the spot. The food is legit. My favorite so far has been mole--mole is the sauce but it goes on chicken and rice and it is awesome. Oh remember when i stopped drinking caffeine? Yeah that´s over cause Coke here is probably a billion times better than it is the US. They make it different or something because it is just amazing. So i drink that alot. Oh well haha.

So we´re teaching this old man named Lamberto. He´s 71. His "wife" is like 40. He has a 5 year old son. Yeah you read that right. Anyway when we first came here the old missionaries said he wasn´t interested at all. WE visited him anyway and he came to church and and went to this district activity (you know when there´s a bunch of branches its called a district not a stake) anyway and we came back this last week to teach him again and he looked like a differnt person. He was happy and smiling--he has had a lot of health problems with his heart and stuff but since he has been going to church and reading and praying he has felt barely any pain. Its so awesome to see how the gospel changes people´s lives. He accepted the invitation to be baptized on September 10. He has to get married--that´s a problem here in Mexico. People don´t usually get legally married. They jsut say they´re married so we gotta get that worked out but he´s gotten his answer about the truth of the church so i doubt that´ll be a probably. We don´t really have time to do much contacting casue it takes forever to walk places and Elder YOung´s got Branch stuff to do so we haven´t been able to find new people but its going pretty well. In mission talk, "i´m killing my companion" bc i´m his last companion. Its now 3 weeks that i´ve been here and so he has three weeks left. He always freaks out when i mention it--he´s an awesome missionary and he really doesn ´t want to leave. I can´t even imagine being in his position. I still have until June 3, 2013. But then the world will´ve ended by then so that sucks. haha
I don´t need anything that i can´t buy here. I can buy pretty much anything here--we bought groceries at a Wal mart today in Mochis. Yeah a real life walmart. And we had Little Caesars for lunch. Its so bizarre. But then we come back to SAn Blas and its like we go through a time machince to the 1800s. Anyway yea. Its still kinda frustrating that i can´t understand people but the more that we spend time with like members they like help me out and speak slower and help me with spanish and stuff so that´s pretty cool. Oh yah i have a question for ya. In the MTC my branch president told us that there was an elder that was at a zoo and climbed up to get a better pic of a lion and fell in and got mauled by the lion. Did you hear anything about that? It sounded like an outrageous story so i wanted to check. So yeah por favor. Do you still need the mission address? I´ll put it just in case. Aqui esta:

Elder Ethan Russell Crisp
Mexico Culiacan Mission
Rio Choix number 888 (the number sign wasn´t working on the keyboard)
Col. Rosales
80230 Culiacan, Sinaloa

So there you go. Well i´m loving it here. Its hot and it hasn´t been very successful and i cna´t understand spanish very well but i´m learning so much. I´ve got a long way to go though to being the missionary that the Lord needs me to be but i´m trying so i think i´ll get there. That´s all i got to say i think. Its cool that Matt got back and they were all there for Danny´s court of honor. Tell him ¡Felicidades! for me. I heard about the whole moped thing--do you think Stephen would get a discount for working at a discount store? I´m sure he would love that. Tell Amy and Stephen and Ben all good luck in school. I´m sure Stephen doesn´t need it with his schedule but whatev. Tell me who their teachers are--i´m curious. Also tell Sister Rock thanks for writing--its alway good to here from people. I love you all and miss y´all.

--Elder Crisp