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August 28, 2011

Answers to your questions: We don´t have to buy bikes--we either walk or hitchhike. Yeah hitchhike. We get money once a month: 1250 pesos--its like $140. It isn´t enough here in San Blas because we have to ride the bus a lot and our food falls thru sometimes--those are reimbursable but it takes a while to get the money back from the reimbursments so i´ve had to use some of the cash that i brought. I have been taking some pictures but i can´t really take my camera out with me--i won´t tell you why though you can probably guess--its just not a good idea here.

Anyway this week was really good. We did a lot of good work and taught a bunch a people and got a bunch of baptismal dates set. I had my first baptism this past Saturday (I did take some pics of that). The baptizee was Alma, a girl like 17--her sister and her aunt got baptized like right before we got here. Anyway we have a portable font that goes outside cause we don´t have a chapel. Like an hour before the baptism it started absolutely pouring and it kept on pouring all the way through. So that was pretty cool. I got to confirm her yesterday in Sac Meeting too which was pretty cool but different. I didn´t know what to say so it was pretty short but i think its a´ight. I also taught a lesson to the "jovenes" (youth). That was different too. I can see my spanish improving but i still can´t understand very well what people are saying and its hard to keep focused while they´re talking so i try so hard to understand them and sometimes when i just can´t i zone out. But its alright. Its been pretty hot as you would expect but its also rained quite a bit so thats refreshing. Its hard here in San Blas--we have to walk alot, nobody opens their doors to contacting, the members don´t give references, our church building sucks, its hot, etc etc etc. Thogh its pretty unlikely, i really hope i don´t have to spend another transfer here. We´ve got two more weeks. My companion Elder Young has then two more weeks in the mission and he´s freaking out. He doesn´t wanna leave. I always mention it and he freaks out cause he doesn´t want to hear it. Its weird. I can´t imagine myself in his position--two weeks left. I´ve got 21 more months. I´ve got so much to learn and so much to do. That´s awesome--but at the same time my human mind sometimes gets me down at that thought--its pretty long time 2 years but at the same time its not. Its weird. Anyway its going pretty good here and i´m going to work hard regardless if i have to work here another 2 months or not.
By the way, i broke my watch. I dropped it and it broke. I don´t know--i can buy another one, i just thought i´d tell you that in case you hadn´t sent a package and could buy me one from there. Also, does Tucker´s sister still have that blog going? i wanna know what he´s up to--can you like copy his letters and send em to me? That was be just lovely. Well that´s all i got for this week.

¡Hasta el próximo lunes!

--Elder Crisp