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July 28, 2011

So even if i did have something i needed you to send me its too late now but i don't so its a'ight. Some notes about like mail and stuff. Some of the elders here are saying you can't send envelopes into Mexico or something weird like that. It doesn't sound right but they say that the church has a service called pouch service. Ask Sister Duvall about that. It doesn't really make sense that you couldn't send envelopes to Mexivo but whatever--we'll find out. And hopefully you already sent the package because i probably won't get it if you haven't. I've got cash so it wouldn't be a huge deal if i didn't get my card right away though it would mean you'd have to send it to Mexico. Also today is the last day that you can write DEAr elders that i'll get because if you do it any later i wont get it because the dear elder place is closed on Saturdays. So you'd have to write today so i could get it maybe today or definetely tomorrow. So I'll be sending some stuff home today--it'll prolly just be the temple bag, the scriptures, and all the letters i've gotten so far but it could be more if i so choose--i have to use a big box anyway because the bag is big. Anyway i think that's all the business i need to go through. Except there is one thing and i didn't really wanna tell you cause i didn't want you to get your hopes up and then be crushed if it doesn't happen. But anyway this is my schedule for Monday--I have my flight at SLC at around 9. Then we fly to LAX (that's super weird by the way). But we have like an 1 and a half layover and so we might have the opportunity to call home. This is why i didn't exactly wanna tell you but then i wouldn't know what number i should call because you start work on Mon right? Anyway so somewhere between 11 and about 1:30 (i'll check on the exact times asnd write it in a letter) i might be able to. I mean i'm allowed to its just a matter of really i think if it works out or not. So don't really get your hopes up.

So my week has been pretty good. Every week we go to the TRC and practice teaching and spanish with people pretending to be investigators. This last week I taught a lady whose brother was really dying--she wasn't even playing an investigator. And I taught her the plan of salvation and it was really powerful to teach and comfort a real person with real problems using the greatness of the plan. It got me even more pumped for Mexico than i already was. Since my district is the oldest district they are having us tutor the other districts in Spanish and that is a really great way to learn and check your own understanding so that was good. But also we were a bit humbled as we talked to new sisters from El Salvador--WE COULDN'T UNDERSTAND A WORD THEY SAID! And they say they talk especially fast in Mexico. So I'm a tad apprehensive about that but I don't really care--i'll learn quick once i'm down there. Also the temple finally reopened so i was able to go today so that was good. But now i have to wait 22 months to go again and my recommend is going to expire before that so i'll probably have to wait even more when i get back and have to renew it. But that's really pretty much all. I'm so excited--everytime i think about the fact that i'm leving i can't help but smile. The opportunity to share the gospel with real people with real problems and who can really be helped and save by the message is one that excites me. Before i used to think and worry about bugging people but i've realized the importance of the messge. One of my teachers put it like this: what if you had a million dollars and you were going to give it to someone, whose door you are knocking on. Why shouldn't you be excited? You're going to change their life--and if they reject you are you going to just let it go or feel you're bugging them? ITS A MILLION DOLLARS! Its the same with our message--our gift. Except its infinitely better than a Million dollars. Its salvation on the line. That wasn't a very good explanation of waht he siad--obvioulsly he said it better. Hopefully you still get it.

Anyway tell Josh i said happy birthday. I really don't have much else to say. Obviously there's a chance that i won't have a computer in my area (a very slim one but you know.) so if you don't hear from me for a while in the next 22 months that would be the reason why. Gracias por todas las cosas uds han hecho para mi en mi vida. Les amo muchisimo. I'll actually have some cool stories when i get there so you can put these emails up on a blog when that happens.
-Elder Crisp