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September 12, 2011

¿Como están? This week went super good. We did every thing we could for Lamberto and he got married and he got baptized on Saturday!!! We had the other three get baptized as well--Alfredo, Emmanuel, and Luis. It was awesome. I got to baptize Emmanuel as my first baptism. In the first picture he is the one in the middle. I´ll give the names of the people: PICTURE 1: (from the left) Luis, yo, Emmanuel, Elder Young, Lamberto, his son. PICTURE 2: Alfredo, Luis (guy who baptized alfredo), emmanuel, luis again. Then after we had a Noche Mexicana. We spent the whole week last week preparing and didn´t teach very much but it was Elder Young´s last week as a missionary and he really wanted to do it so we did it. It went well and we had a good number of nonmembers there so we´ll see if we can teach em. We´ll see.

So transfer 2 of my mission began today. My new companion is Elder Ovando. He´s a mexican who doesn´t speak english. So that´s super fun. So i´m the only gringo in San Blas and probably by far the tallest now (Elder young was taller than me.) I can already see that its going to be tough because of the Spanish and also cause he´s new to the area and he doesn´t know much about being branch president obviously so its going to be tough but that´s the point right. Of course we´re still in San Blas and we still haven´t been able to really find people to teach. I think its going to be a long six weeks but I know if i try my hardest, the Lord will fill in with the rest. Because of the fact that we were preparing for the activity all week i don´t have many cool stories except one showing the faith of Lamberto. We had kinda worried with him about tithing because he doesn´t make much and even though he accepted it we worried it was cause he didn´t understand it. At church yesterday, as one of the newest members of the church was one of two people to pay tithing. That was awesome. It is true that the big problem here is getting married. The people here just start living together as if they´re husband and wife but don´t do it officially because of the money. So i did have to pitch in and pay for their wedding--i´m sure i´ll have to do that alot. I don´t think you´ll havet o send money for that--i gotta lot of time and alot of experiences to go so we´ll have to see.

Thanks for the baseball standings haha-- i was just curious (what´s up with the DBacks????) That´s awesome about Matt Kemp and Kershaw. I am caring less and less by the way but you can keep sending them (of course when the playoffs come you gotta let me know what happens)

Tell Katie and Kent and Amy all Happy Birthday!!! from me. I kept forgetting to say that to katie and kent--i even wrote down to write it and i still forgot. ¡Feliz cumpleaños!

I won´t be speaking any english for at least the next six weeks but i realize that´ll be good for me--afterall, i am in Mexico. I will be praying for all of you. I love you all and miss you all. Good luck in school and work and everything--again i´ll be praying for you.

--Elder Crisp