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September 19, 2011

¿Como estan? I have prepared a spiritual thought for y´all. Actually 2:

The first comes from 1 Nephi 1:20 which says "But behold i Nephi will show unto you that the tender mercies of the Lord are over all those whom he hath choesn because of their faith to make them mighty even unto the power of deliverance." I have seen the tender mercies of the Lord countless times in the short time i have had here. Whenever I´m feeling down for one reason or another, the Spirit had come in different ways to cheer me up--thru prayer, the scriptures, other people. In each case I can see the answer or cause of "deliverance" has been undeniably personalized to me. I know that if we pray and always try to be in tune with the spirit, we can see more of the tender mercies of the Lord in ALL aspects of our lives.

The second also comes from 1 Nephi. 19:9 says "And the world because of their iniquity shall judge him (Christ) to be a thing of naught; wherefore they scourge him and he suffereth it; and they smite him and he suffereth it. Yeah they spit upon him and he suffereth it becuase of his loving kindness and his longsuffering towards the children of men." I love this scripture. Christ suffered all because he loves us. In everything we do we have to remember always His sacrifice and the things it allows us to do. If we take advantage of it, we can receive forgiveness and we will have the opportunity to live with him and Heavenly Father. If we do it as a family, living the Gospel--we can live together forever. All of this is possible thru His suffering-- and all that because he loves us.

Awesome. So this past week was really different. My companion Elder Ovando is so different than Elder Young. One of course, he doesn´t speak any English. My spanish is improving by the day, but i see that sometimes people just don´t understand me. But i see the power of the spirit and the importance. When i have the spirit in teaching my spanish is clear and i don´t have to really think of wehat i´m going to say. The words just come. That´s an awesome feeling. ONe of the few things that i love of San Blas are the members! Thoug feew, they are just awesome, especailly this little family in particular. Luis and Veronica are theire names--they´ve been members for less than 2 months and their just awesome--always inviting their neighbors for lessons. IN fact 2 of our baptisms came from them inviting. Veronica has this 4 yer old niece who is just adorable (Veronica tells me that the girl, Rosita, has a little crush on me haha). Like i said they´ve only been members for like 1 month and a half and they´re like the most faithful members. So that´s cool. To be honest, there just isn´t much going on here. It´s not a lack of faith--at least i don´t think so on my part--its just a challenge. But i know that there is a reason i´m here--and why i´m STILL here. Whether it is to learn patience or humility, or how to find in spite of challenges, I´m looking to learn and grow from my time here (though have been a bit counting down the days of this transfer--5 weeks left).

My companion now has tons of music (and most of it in English ;) ) so i don´t think i have to worry too much right now. There aren´t any treats i am particularly craving. Just for your info--the Tostitos chips here are LEGIT!!!!! There´s like 4 times the salt and flavor. Just amazing. And i already said the Coke is better too. The food in general is better. At times when days are slow, i find myself going lunch to lunch instead of day to day if that makes sense. Maybe that´s bad. I don´t know. I would be great if you could sent my an IN n Out burger, fries, and a shake. But you can´t. By the way back to the food thing--my stomach has opened so much--I can eat like twice the amount of food as before. I think i might actually gain a good amount of weight. I have also learned to love things like tomatoes and onions and peppers. Anyway that´s enough about that. You can send whatever in terms of food.

About Ben: I don´t remember moving anyone with the Rocks. But for sure a short term coach deal would help--or maybe he could talk with the pitching coach or something and ask for help--at the least it would show the coaches that he is commited to improving. Its awesome he made the first cut! How many are left? About Stephen: I also think that college would be really good for him. Maybe humble him a little bit. And especially a church school like you said. College is not like high school though--i had the easiest classes in the world andi saw that is is different. Makes sure he knows that. And i think he should start reading Preach My Gospel if he hasn´t already started. About Amy: That´s awesome about work! Remind her about her promise not to get married before i get back (though i realize her going to UTah makes that almost impossilbe to keep haha) About the world: Is Jake Heaps the QB at BYU? Elder Young knew him--anyway--he´s supposed to be legit. That makes me sad that they lost the Utah and he sucks. But Utah is big time--in the Pac 12. That just doesn´t sound right--the Pac 12. Some more curiouslity--hoiw´s the NFL so far? And is Mark Cuban involved with trying to buy the Dodgers? And how are Kershaw and Kemp doing--still legit?

Anyway--thanks for the Enoch message, Mom, and the reminder of Galations 5;22 , Dad. Its always good to remember the fruits of the Spirit. Especially when we gotta teach investigators to realize the same feelings--that makes it even more important to realize it yourself.

That´s all I got for ya. I love you all and pray for you all everyday. Always remember the important things in life--like the Savior, Reading/Praying/Attending Church, Covenants (baptismal and de temple) and all that kinda stuff. Man i wish we had a temple here. I´m having temple withdrawals. Anyway remember all that good stuff always. ¡Les Amo!

Elder Crisp ;)