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September 5, 2011

Hola familia!: I decided to send the same email to everyone so all can see it. Don´t worry, i´ve got pictures to send--we´ll see if these thousand year old computers here in San Blas can handle it. The walmart buying idea would be a good idea but i don´t know if i´ll be around one after this transfer. I find out on Sat where i´ll be so we´ll see. Its hard here in San Blas so I´m kinda hoping i´ll be somewhere else, but i´ll be working hard and with all my heart, might, mind, and strength regardless. This past week went by so fast--its all gone by fast. I don´t feel at all like i have been in Mexico for five weeks. This week was fast but not a lot of work happened. With Elder Young being branch president, he has to take a lot of time to do branch duty stuff and we usually lose time contacting. As a result we haven´t found any new investigators. However the ones we have are doing pretty good. I told you about Lamberto, the old guy who is just been prepared amazingly by the Lord. We taught him Law of Chastity and Tithing and Word of Wisdom this week. He still has to get married so he does have a problem with that but other than that he´s perfect. He´s been prepared with bad experiences with tobacco and coffee and stuff like that and has no problem with WoW. He´s pretty poor so we thought tithing would be a problem but his faith is so strong its amazing. Its an amazing example of how the Lord prepares people. When we got here, the missionaries here before said that we shouldn´t "waste our time with him" because he wasn´t interested. But oh were they wrong. Hopefully he´ll be able to get married this week. Please if you could include him in your prayers that he can get married, we could use the extra help :). If all goes well he´ll be baptized on Sat. We also have 3 others on track to be baptized on Sat: two teens Alfredo and Immanuel, and a 12 yr old Luis. Alfredo and IMmanuel are friends of the girl that we baptized and they seem like they´ll be good. Luis´ family got baptized in July but at that time for some reason he didn´t want to get baptized but now he does so that´ll be cool. We´re also going to have a cool activity on Sat afterward: a "noche mexicana." the 15th is the mexican independance day so we´re going to use that to get members and investigators out to celebrate. So that´ll be cool. And then transfer 1 is done. Then Elder YOung goes home. He goes back to Culiacan on Mon, and he can go visit old investigators there and he´s got interviews and stuff and eventually goes home on Wed to his home in Seattle. He says he still feels like he´s got 4 transfers left. He says time just flies. I´ve got a bunch of time to go--i in reality have 13 transfers to go haha. But i´ve got so much to learn. I still can barely understand people even when i try my hardest. I can speak pretty well but its hard to have a conversation with someone you can´t understand. I´ll be fine when i start understanding but its hard to track my progress with that. But that´ll come i know it.
Thanks for everyone who has written to me. I just today got dearelders from Dad and Katie and Tony because we only get mail once a month cause the zone leaders only go to Culiacan once a month and thta´s when they bring it all. So keep that in mind. Its crazy to think that Josh is in 3RD GRADE and Sam in KINDERGARDEN. That´s just crazy crazy crazy. AGain thanks for all who have written--its really good just to hear from people. Just know that the mission is the place to be. Its tough right now cause i don´t speak or understand the language i speak but i know i just gotta have faith in it all and i´´ll be good.
Sorry but the computer i´m using doesn´t recognize my camera so you´ll have to wait a bit longer for pictures. Sorry.

Also thanks for the Tucker update--keep sending that.

What happened with the tornado? Did you hear about the elder that got mauled by the lion that i asked about last time--can you look that up for me? Also i´m kinda curious about how the MLB´s going. Can you like send the standings or something like that? Like who´s set to make the playoffs and any like stats that are out of the ordinary. I don´t need too much i´m just curious. That´s all the questions i´ve got.

¡Hasta el próximo lunes!
-Elder Crisp