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October 10, 2011

Thanks everyone for writing to me. Know that I will always know that you are thinking about me--no matter if you never write me. I know i´m just that awesome. Haha jk. Well i found out this week that i have Sinaloa Fever!!!! WOOO!!! No but seriously, i was still sick all week, including a headache with migraine type pain that hasn´t gone away. I finally went to the doctor on Sat and he said that i have some type of fever native to Sinaloa that comes from a bunch of different stuff like cheese and dogs etc. I have to go back tomorrow and they´re going to do an analysis and take out blood and all that good stuff. What sucks is i couldn´t do much at all this week because of the headache--i can´t think enough to speak understandable spanish. And I´ve had the most terrible feeling that it is going to be something serious and i´ll have to go home. There´s already been an elder from my generation that had to go home for illness. But everytime I think of that, i try to sing a hymn or something. I have come to realize that even if it is super serious and i have to go home, it´ll be God´s will, and that´s all that matters.

I wanted to share with you one of our investigators. She´s the cutest old woman in the world. Her name is Rosario and she´s 81 years old. I think i told you a little bit about her. She´s super christian and all that and was baptized in another church. But we came and i think at first she just wanted someone to talk to cause her husband recently died and she lives all alone. But she has accepted everything that we´ve taught. For a while she didn´t understand the whole Joseph Smith, only our church is true deal, but she´s come to understand it and is now praying to know if she should be baptized. She loves Jesus so much and just wants to follow him and its awesome to see. Once after a lesson we were talking and she said (in spanish), "I´m so grateful to have my brother here--he´s only been here two months and he already speaks spanish like a mexican!" That made me feel good. That´s pretty much it on the serious investigator front--everyone else doesn´t wanna go to church. That´s pretty much all i got for this week because i can´t really think straight. I do wanna leave a scripture with you--its very important. I´ll let you look it up and apply it: 2 Kings 2:23-24. Enjoy :)

Mom:Thank you for the message. Honestly this whole sick thing and the feeling that i´ll have to go home has made me a little discouraged and has made me thought alot of home. But that story of the boy and his mom touched my heart. Thanks. Honestly, when i didn´t get an email from you I immediatley pictured you in the hospital or something like that unable to write. Its awesome to here that you´re not. I love you and appreciate your support. REally that goes for all of you, not just mom.

Dad: I recently found out that my companion is the youngest of like 7 kids. Thinking back to psychology, i can see why he´s so bossy cause he probably got everything he ever wanted growing up. That´s not even the most frustrating thing--he flat out doesn´t like me and doesn´t try to hide it. I don´t think we´ve ever had a conversation other than about the work. He walks like 5 feet ahead of me all the time, even now that i´m supersick he doesn´t even care. But i think my time with him is almost over--i sent President a message telliing of this too. Gracias también por su apoyo, consejo, y amor.

Amy: i´M sorry to hear that you´re not sleeping well. Maybe you should do some exercise--start walking in the morning or something like that. All the walking that i do makes me sleep like a baby. I don´t know if it´ll be the same for you but i can´t think why not. Maybe you should study D&C 89--maybe you need to change your diet. I don´t know--i´m not a doctor haha. I´ll pray for you--that i know how to do.

Stephen: I´m glad to hear from ya. First off, i am very happy that both the Yankees and the Phillies lost. Also that Allen Craig is doing work representin´ the PUMAS!!! Don´t worry about the work--there´s never work in Temecula. That´s hilarious that the workers check the prices at the 99 cent store. Ask them random questions in spanish like "donde esta la vaca?" or "cuantos plátanos tiene en sus pantalones?" or "por que tiene un gato en su nariz?" or anything like that. Oh and thanks for the prayers. I owe you haha.

Thanks for sending the package. I didn´t get a chance to check prices again cause we didn´t go to walmart. I only have one more pday in this transfer and i doubt i´ll be staying here. There are walmarts pretty much everywhere here so we´ll see. So we´ll see about a cd player, a watch, and maybe a camera. Anyway--i won´t get the package till the first monday in Nov, which is still like 3 weeks away but oh well.

Again thanks for all your love and support. I love you and I will be praying for you all. ¡Que tengan buena semana!

--Elder Crisp