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October 17, 2011

¡Hola!¿Como estan? I am writing to you now with absolutely no energy whatsoever. I had my bloodwork done this week and i have 2 fevers--one called Proteus OX or something like that and the other Tilico H or something like that. So that´s fun. I got a call Wednesday from the mission nurse who told me that i had to stay at home all day Thursday to Saturday and then we´ll see from there. Well Saturday came around and i wasn´t better, in fact i felt a little worse. So i have to stay in all this week. So that´s just SUPER fun. This is the last week of the transfer so there it goes. I´m probably (and hopefully) not going to stay here for another transfer so there goes my time here in San Blas too. Oh well, i have tons of time to study and my comp has a bunch of movies so that´s good. That´s all the news i have for you this week so there you go--this´ll be a pretty useless email.

I do have some questions, some answers, and a spiritual thought. Here´s the spiritual thought first. It comes from D&C 6:22-23. Dice, "Verily, verily i say unto you if you desire a further witness, cast your mind upon the night that you cried unto me in your heart, that you might know concerning the truth of these things. Did i not speak peace to your mind concerning the matter? WHAT GREATER WITNESS CAN YOU HAVE THAN FROM GOD." Booom! I love this scripture. Here Christ reminds us that we know that this church is true cause GOD TOLD US IT WAS. Whenever you doubt your testimony, remember this--remember back to when you first KNEW the church was true. Or when you felt the spirit really strong. Heck, remember it when you think you shouldn´t go to church, or any other time you feel like sinning it up more than choosin the right--remember the good feelings so you don´t have to feel the bad. I know from experience that the guilt and the pain that comes from sinnin´ it up is not worth what the sin was. Keep in mind those times that you received your testimony or felt the spirit really strong. No sin is worth it. No doubt is worth it. But feeling the spirit is always worth it.

Questions: Worldly ones: Did Kershaw win the Cy Young? Or has that not been announced yet? I don´t remember when that happens. For the record, I care not either who wins (thats proper talk). I actually am happy for whoever wins--just for the record. Also, what´s the deal with Josh´s baptism? When is that going to happen? Also, dad: SEND ME SOME MISSION STORIES. I have never really heard any from you, so now its time to start talking! haha. What´s goin on with Ben and the baseball team?

Answers: I haven´t written to Tucker lately because it is a pain in the beeeehind to send mail from here. Maybe I´ll get transfered to a city and it´ll be easier. For now i don´t know. Can you send me some stuff from his blog again? I´m not allowed to look at any other website so you´ll havet o send me by email. Also, i´m gonna tell you more about this fever i have. The doctor said that i have to take medicine for 6 weeks--right when i heard "seis semanas" i thought for sure i was going to haveto go home, but the mission nurse reassured me that she has never had to send anyone home for something like this. I still have a bad feeling though. Don´t get worried, but i´ve also been having some chest pains--like in my heart, so i´m going to go back to the doc and see what´s up. I actually have two--i think i have like an infection in my esophagus like Stephen cause every time i swallow it hurts really bad, and then i have been having some irregular heartbeats and a dull pain kinda like when i had swine flu. So i should be going back tomorrow. I am reminded of Marfan´s syndrome and the whole heart deal with that so i´m a tad worried--if its because of that i´ll probably have to go home. It all depends. Like i said, i still have a bad feeling that i won´t be staying here. But lately i´ve been thinking about God´s will and what it means. I´m not being disobedient--i´m not climbing on Lion enclosures to get a better picture--so whatever happens IS God´s will and is best for me. If i have to go home, it´ll be best for me. I´m trying to keep this whole thing in perspective like that.

Some notes: I had to use my card to buy lunch today and pay to develop pics for some converts--it totals like 10 bucks. I don´t think i´ll be around Carl´s Jr after this week so that won´t be a problem :( Oh, i do have a little super weird story. So the girl that i baptized a couple weeks ago lives with a friend of her mom´s here in San Blas so she can go to school here and the friend gave a note from the girl, Flora. It reads: "Ethan Crisp, I love you." :/ Yeah, how she found out my first name i don´t know. All around its just super weird. I just thought i´d share that with you. There´s another girl in the branch that i suspect likes me like that--she´s always hanging around me at church--asking me how to say stuff in English. I don´t get it but whatevs.

Unfortunately that´s all i got for you. Don´t worry about me and my health--i´m not like suffering or anything like that. For the most part i´m just tired and stiff. Have another awesome week! ¡Cuídense and tengan una buena semana, todos!

--Elder Crisp