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October 24, 2011

Happy Monday! Boy this week was crazy--one of the longest of my life. I had to rest all this week, then Tuesday my heart started flipping out--just went really fast for no reason so i went back to the doctor and he ordered an EKG, but they couldn´t do it in San blas. So, they sent me to Mochis to a cardiologist. He was like 90 and didn´t seem like he knew what he was talking about so they sent me to another and he seemed more legit and he spoke english so that was good. He told me there´s nothing wrong with my heart. But I have to go back in like two hours for an ultra sound--he´s gonna check my aortic root to see if its grown. If it has, i have to go home to get checked officially for Marfans. I would have to go home because there´s no where to do it in Mexico. But I don´t think that it going to happen. Saturday, the transfers came in and i got awesome news--I´m going to Los Cabos!!!! Wooo!!! Then today i got the disappointing news that because I´ve got to stay here to go to the doctor they changed the transfer and i´m going to Culiacán. Either way, i´m not staying in San Blas so that´s good. Other than the slight pain that i feel in my chest, i´m fine. We´ll see how they treat me in terms of when they let me go back to work. í haven´t had a normal missionary day in two weeks now, and i´ve been sick for more than 3. That kinda sucks but there´s a reason for everything in the mission--i jsut don´t know what all this was for yet. With this brings to mind one of my favorite scriptures. Proverbs 3:4-5 says, "Trust in the Lord with all thine heart and lean not unto thine own understanding. In all thy ways acknowledge him and he shall direct thy paths." Most of the time as imperfect beings we forget the Lord and start wondering and unnecesary questioning. I did a lot of that this week. I honestly didn´t have much else to think about. But we gotta trust in the Lord. If I have to go home it´ll be for some reason or another. If not, it´ll be for some reason or another. Either way, i gotta trust in the Lord and not my own understanding or desires. Its true with all of life--things happen. Its part of life. We just gotta trust in the Lord to guide our paths. That´s all i got for you this week. Hopefully I´ll have more the next.

Its good to hear Ben´s dedicated and working hard to make the team. Dexheimer´s a good guy and i´m sure that if he´s helping Ben out he wants him to make the team and he´ll get the benefit of the doubt with others. It´s also good to hear that Allen Craig is doing work representing hte Pumas. That´s good the hear. Oh, btw, the second doctor that i went to charged a TON--like 1600 pesos (160 bucks). The problem is i didn´t have that money on my mission card so i had to take it off my personal one and i think i´ll have to do it again for the tests today. It´ll be reimbursed but onto my mission card. I don´t know what you wanna do about that but whatevs--there´s like 70 bucks left or something like that and i don´t know how much this test´ll cost. I won´t get my package until next monday. Maybe cause i´ll be in Culiacan i´ll get it sooner but i doubt it.

That´s all i got for you this week. Like i said last week don´t worry about me--i´m not suffering, not physically anyway. Thanks for your support and for your prayers. Hopefully i won´t be seeing you anytime soon, haha. ¡Cuídense!

--Elder Crisp