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January 2, 2012

Happy new year! I'm gonna say right off the bat that i don't have that
much time to right--thats why this is going to be so short--we got our
shower head changed because here the water is heated by the shower
head and we didn't have that before. Now we're going to have hot water
instead of a freezing cold stream :) this will also be really random.

So we made the trip to the offices and finally retrieved my package :)
Thanks a bunch for everything--the candy, the ties, the christmas
decorations (which will serve whatever pair of elders who are here
next christmas very well--in fact, i wrote on the box with all the
stuff "Christmas Decorations--Thank the mom of Elder Crisp ;P ) and
everything. And i don't know about the whole card thing--i seriously
doubt that i will be able to but i'll ask president when i get it. Why
do I have to call anyway? You wouldn't be the first to send a package
with pics of the virgen just so ya know, mom :) We also changed to 11
which i think is going to be awesome as well--its hard enough for
people who aren't used to going to church to go at 8 in the morning on
their day of rest. So i thinkg that will be good. I finished the book
of mormon this week too--actually i still have to read Jacob through
the middle of Alma cause when i changed comps, he made me read where
he was reading. But when i finish with that it'll be the 2nd time so
far in the mission and the 4th in my life. I heard a talk in the MTc
from a man who had been mission president in Ecaudor or something like
that and he said every year he reads the BofM at least once in English
and once in Spanish, and that he's read the book of mormon all the way
through at least 100 times! I hope and am determined to be like that
in my life after the mission--to have a job that will allow me the
time and to keep the determination to learn to achieve what that man
has achieved. About Carl Bloch...my first comp loved artwork of the
chruch and knew the artists of most of the paintings and one of his
favorites was him--one time we were at the store and found a bible
that had pics and stuff--it was a catholic one. There was a paiting of
"the baptism of Christ" by him with John the baptist puring water over
the head of Chrsit like the catholics do. There i leraned he wasn't a
member but yeah his work is awesome.

So this week was kinda frustrating because again nobody was home--new
year's is bigger here than there and its another excuse to get the
whole family together and get drunk. So nobody was home. Again we met
some good people who are interested (including one that has been
living in Arizona for the past ten years and just moved back to
Mexico--all their kids speak better english than spanish haha) but it
wasn't an effective week at all. We spent New Year's with the family
of the bishops wife. She has a cousin or a niece or something that
lives in Perris--she said that she's been to Temecula a bunch. That's
pretty crazy--its like 1500 miles away in another country and she's
been there to. Small world. Anyway we ate quesadillas with carne asada
and awesome salsa mmmmmmmm it was good. That was the highlight of the
week--i know it sad because it had nothing to do with the Work but
whatever. Sorry, but my time is short so that's all i got for you.

have an awesome week!

--Elder Crisp

Una pregunta (that's a question): Did you (Mom) ever send Tucker an
email or something telling him that I couldn't send letters from here?
If not, he's probably expecting one that's never gonna come haha.