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February 20, 2012

¡Buenas tardes! Ojala que hayan tenido una semana bien chacalosa. Ya no puedo hablar en ingles, entonces voy a tener que hablarles en español. Piden a mi papa que traducza. Just kidding. I said that i cant speak english anymore--it has dawned on me--i have like 8 and a half months in the mission and I really have a lot of trouble writing (let alone speaking) in English. I can{t imagine how its going to be in 15 and a half months when i get back. I will probably have a really bad accent--at least i wont be able to say the words. Get ready and look for it when i get back--i am going to be saying "como" "pues" "entonces" alot. Amy...if you get to listen to that guy that just got back, look for that--that he says words like that. I am going to alot.

This week was awesome. About two months ago we contacted a woman named Susana watering her dirt (they do that here). She was cool and we have been passing by but shes always busy or not there. The last time we went she told us that her mom and brother wanted us to visit--that she had told them we had been passing by and wanted to listen. so we went and we had an awesome lesson. We taught the restoration and they accepted everything including the invitation to be baptized with a baptismal date. Then we gave em each a Bof M and as we always do asked them WHEN they were going to read it. Usually the people say "tomorrow" "hopefully this week"--something like that. They said "we are going to go inside and read it RIGHT NOW." It was such an awesome lesson. They were also super excited to go to church--we sent a text message Sat night to remind them and the mom Angelica answered back saying "THanks so much for remembering us! We are going to be there in the church tomorrow!" Unfortunately they woke up sick and couldnt go but they were super excited. We are going to go with them tongith and see how their reading and their prayer went. Hopefully we can do all we can to get them (Angelica and Manuel) baptized on March 17th. We are still working with Marco and Paulina. We are going to go with members tonight to teach them about temples so that they can feel that they need to be baptized now--we didnt get to visit them this week cause they left for Mazatlan because there was this huge carnival there and Marco went to work (i told you he plays like tribal drums {i dont remember the word for those} in the streets right?) Hopefully they can feel it. Unfortunately they wont be baptized this week. That means there is a very high probability that i wont be here to baptize them. This is the last week of the transfer. Its almost unfair how fast this transfer went by. Reading Tuckers letter its awesome to see that he doing work and that hes training. My district leader keeps telling me that im gonna train. Thats kinda nervewracking cause that will mean that i will have to do it in a new area and that makes it even more nervewracking but if i do, it means i can. I have complete trust in that the transfers from President and the assistants are inspired. I will probably be writing next week from a new area with a new companion. But you never know...

Mom...I love that story of Abish (here its like the most common name for girls in the church--theres like 5 abishs in this ward). I like to imagine stories like that--and the story of Ammon when he fights off the thieves. Its always fun to imagine that :) And im sure that the secretary from the jury place will be converted by my call letter--hopefully right. Ben...thanks for writing. You know it doesnt matter if you dont really have anything to say--just write me with whatever ya got (like about track or baseball or more pro sports or whatevr). I dont kow how Calipari does it--they always have like a brand new team every year cause they all leave as freshmen but theyre always good! The thunder are (or should i say is? go check with Nathan and Stephen on that one haha) going to win it all. The heat are not (sorry :( ). Ive never heard of Jeremy Lin--is he a rookie? Some worldly questions that you are now obligated to answer--Hows Jimmer doing? Hows Arizona doing? BYU? Is the Big east beastly again? Who have the Dodgers gotten new recently? I expect the answers to those questions next week. Oh, and hows track going? Whats your specialty?

Well I hope you all have an awesome week and that you are super happy. I love you all, Dad, Mom, Grandma, Katie, Kent, Amy, Stephen, Ben, Josh, Sam, Tony, Coco, Bo, (and especially) Johnnie. I pray for her continued greatness every night haha. And all those outsiders who have a good fortune of reading these letters (haha jk), i love you too :)

¡Que tengan buena semana!

--Elder Crisp

im gonna see if i can send pics. This computer kinda sucks--still running on Windows XP. Sorry keep in mind that i am in Mexico.