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March 5, 2012

You guys remember like five weeks ago when i got a stomach infection? Well, guess what? I got another one! Yeahhhhh! And this one is way worse. In fact, Sister Cantu told me to go to the doctor again because she thinks i might have a parasite. Every time i eat, it hurts and i haven´t been able to eat much. Fruit, soup and...thats it. Its been so much fun. And whats more fun is that its not finished. I have to go to the doctor tomorrow to do some tests to see if i have something more. If not it means the medicine i´ve been taking sucks big time cause i don´t really feel much better than the day i got sick. Other than  that life is just fantastic. My new comp E. Casimiro is awesome. He super nice and has been taking care of me as if i was his brother. He´s also prepared himself well to be here in the mission. He was ward mission leader for more than a year before he came and already knows exactly what to do. In fact, i´´m kinda of stuck here not knowing what to do because he already wants to be senior comp and so already does everything and i really don´t know what more i can offer him. Its the same with "my district." I ´m only here with the zone leaders and its the same. I don´t know waht i can offer them. They did tell me not to worry. That it really is my responsibility and i´m going to receive revelation for the district and it doesn´t matter that they´re zone leaders. I cstill have the responsiblity to teach them and all that.
The truth is we haven´t been able to do much here. We have an awesome investigator named Yaneth. Of course its mexico so she´s got a kid and she´s only 17 and she´s "married" but she´s not really married. That´s a huge problem here in the Baja, cause the requirements are different and harder than in Sinaloa and its more expensive. Its like the govt doesn´t want them to get married. But she really does--in fact her boyfriend is an inactive member and he really wants to go back to church and everything so its really cool. That really is the only thing with them is the marriage thing. But they want to so that´s all that really matters. But other than that we don´t really have any investigators really strong. The truth is this ward sucks. Its full of prideful oldies who don´t wanna help. REally its the problem in La Paz. Tehy baptize more than any zone but they don´t stay cause the members treat their ward like an exclusive club so the people don´t stay. This ward has like 400 members but only like 75 attend. This ward is geting better with the helping thing but its still a huge problem. That´s really all i know about the area. I got sick Thurs and have been so weak i haven´t really been able to leave. Hopefully i can get better but i think theres a reason for it. Cause i have been eating better and taking vitamins and all that. I don´t know how to prevent a stomach infection but i´m sure that is good for it--eating good and taking vitamins but who knows. Really every thing happens for a reason. Hopefully i don´t have a parasite or something worse. That would really stink--but i won´t know until tomorrow. REally this day has been super stressful and it has made me super tired--its taken the small amount of energy that i had. We had zone meeting that took FOEVERRRRRR. Then we went to look for the hospital that Sister Cantu told me to go to and it didn´t exist. She gave me another number and they haven´t answered--and its kinda far away so we can´t just go. But i wanna go because i have weird pains that have nothing to do with a stomach infection like in my kidneys and i don´t get it. But i´m sure it´ll all work out in the end.
Congrats on the baseball win and the not coming in last in the track meet. How awesome that Ben is finally doing something more than Call of Duty. Amy...everything happens for a reason. This is not a time to get down on yourself. Its the time to get on your knees and ask for guidance. Maybe a good old fashioned fast will do you well also. But keep in mind what it says about prayer in the bible dictionary--prayer is not to change the will of god--its to secure for ourselves the blessings that God is already willing to give us. The trick is knowing what those blessings are. Just remember that as long as live like we should, God always does whats best for us. Read Helaman 10:4-5. Apply what Nephi did. Also read Elder D. Todd Christofferson´s talk from April conference. Here´s the link: http://www.lds.org/general-conference/2011/04/as-many-as-i-love-i-rebuke-and-chasten?lang=eng&query=april+2011+conference. I just reread it and i think it´ll serve you well. Mom...thanks for sending the package--i´m sure it´ll get here in time. I forgot to tell you to get me razors but oh well. Next time. And just so you know, if you can buy the 5 blade heads cause the razor is for the 5 blades and the 3 blades don´t fit as well on the razor. If that´s all you can get--get it. And that´s all i got for yall.
Hopefully there´ll be more to report on next week. ¡Que tengan buena semana!
--Elder Crisp
PS. I don´t wanna sound all needy like i´m depressed cause i always only get two letters every week but that´s not it. I would like more people to write to me so i can write to more people. The mail service is only a couple blocks from the church that we always go to for the meeting on Mondays so i can actually write letters so i would encourage more people to write so i can write back. Thanks :)  (and it would be nice to hear from more people anyway)