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July 16, 2012

This week was kinda tough--we had to do a bunch of work in the zone and almost werent in our area in the mornings. Tuesday we did what we always do--we do the reembursements. Wednesday we had to go to the houses of the zone and take pics of the new tricked out maps that we're making. Thursday we had to give money to an Elder that had to go to the doctor cause he tripped and fell and hit his head really hard. Saturday we had to take him more. The truth is that we didnt work as hard as we could have when we got back to the area because we got back super tired. It shouldnt be an excuse and in fact will never again be an excuse, but that was the excuse haha. This week we worked a little bit with Jose--he had a problem in his family and we could see him much because of that but hes still awesome. This week the youth are going to have EFY. Here in Mexico its by mission--all the youth in the limits of the mission are going to go and in fact left today. He really wanted to go but he couldnt cause hes 18 and the cutoff is 17. EFY is pretty new here in Mexico--in fact there hasnt been one in this mission until now, but its gonna be good--they invited nonmembers so there are going to be a bunch who are going to be ready to baptize after (hopefully) :). But that sums up the week.

Well this week i finished up studying in Alma and started Helaman. I read an awesome chapter which is now one of my favorites--Helaman 5. These verses speak to the awesomeness of Nephi and Lehi: "18 And it came to pass that Nephi and Lehi did preach unto the Lamanites with such great power and authority, for they had power and authority given unto them that they might aspeak, and they also had what they should speak given unto them—19 Therefore they did speak unto the great astonishment of the Lamanites, to the convincing them, insomuch that there were eight thousand of the Lamanites who were in the land of Zarahemla and round about abaptized unto repentance, and were convinced of the bwickedness of the ctraditions of their fathers." 8000 is a lot of baptisms. But its very important like you said, Mom, about being CONVERTED. There are a lot of people that get baptized in Mexico (not many here in Sinaloa cause they love to drink but still a lot more than any other part of the world), but there are many who arent converted. They are converted to the missionaries like you said, Mom, and not to the gospel. Its pretty sad really. Sometimes i feel bad cause i havent baptized as much as some elders here but i hope that the ones that i have had the chance to teach and see get baptized stay active. I think Ramon is going to be super active---same with Jose when he gets baptized. Thats what really matters. There are thousands of general conference talks about that. And thats what im trying to do really--i am trying to worry less about baptizing and more about the people being converted to the gospel.

It has been raining here a lot--its good when it stops and it stays cloudy cause theres a breeze, but when the sun comes out after, its pure suffering. Right now is one of those times where its SUPER humid. On top of that its super loud here where we are writing--a bunch of kids playing videogames with music--i will leave here with a headache thats for sure. But thats life in the hottest part of Mexico. It really hasnt been that hot but according to them, in August its unbearable--i was here in august and it wasnt THAT bad--they are just complainers here in Sinaloa. But whatever.

Thats all i got for this week--hopefully next week you'll see an awesome story. ¡Que tengan buena semana!

-Elder Crisp :)

PS... Mom....I only have one CD from motab--its "Praise to the Man." I would like "Come come ye saints" and another one "muy recomendable" :)

PSS...You are all going to make fun of me sooooo much when i get home. I am NOT going to be able to speak english at all. I{m sure you are looking forward to that though :P