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July 2, 2012

Well this week was pretty good. We had zone leader counsel. We had the zone meeting. We got the changes. AND WE HAD A BAPTISM!!!!!! Yeah!!!!!! Ramon finally made the decision and was baptized Sat--i had the privilege of baptizing him. It was a very spiritual service, with Sis. Gloria playing the violin, us singing "Josephs Smiths first prayer" with the music of "Come thou fount." Even though neither of us sing very well it was good. And there were a bunch of members there--we barely fit in the room! It was an awesome experience and i just wish that we can keep working hard to have more services like that. The changes came in and there weren{t very many changes for this transfer--me and E. Cruz will stay and the majority of the companionships were like that. I thought i was going to be lowered to district leader but i stayed and we are going to keep working hard. I have pics from the baptism and from the councel and from the bowling that we did beforet he counsel (yes we went bowling--i love being zone leader :) ). The truth is its tough being zone leader. Especially when there are elders like the elder that i told you about. WE had the zone meeting sat and he was there in the back making jokes the whole time and ruining the spirit so i got up and shared D&C 88:121 which says,"Therefore, acease from all your light speeches, from all blaughter, from all your clustful desires, from all your dpride and light-mindedness, and from all your wicked doings." The parts that i highlighted were what i wanted him to get. But he got offended and started asking questions to make me look stupid--they didnt but he tried. And after he criticized me for my teaching. I didnt let him bug me. What bugged me was that he ruined the spirit because of his pride. Now his companion is district leader and we are going to have to do divisions with them and i am NOT looking forward to that but whatever. That was the low point of this week, the high point obviously being the baptism. But we are progressing as a zone and that is good. We finished with 13 baptisms in the transfer, something that hasnt happened here in a long time. Obviously i have nothing to do with it but i am going to do all i can to make that number higher.

Some news: Tucker sent me a letter. Too bad that im here in Culiacan again and its a huge pain in the butt to send mail again. Hes doing well--hes had some baptisms now which is awesome. Its tough there. Also just so you know, the presidential election was yesterday if you cared. They gave us (well the mexicans) the chance to vote so we went and waited in line for 5 HOURS. Theres like 5 parties so its more of a balance and not all the members of the church are from the same party like in the US. But there was a woman and a young guy and an old guy and a guy with an awesome moustache that were going for president. the young guy won (many voted for him cause supposedly "hes really handsome" haha). But theres your mexican news update.

Mom....Thats awesome that aunt tina is gonna keep her leg. Did you share that movie with her? Theres another one thats called "Treasures in Heaven: The Story of John Tanner" which is really awesome. Both should be on youtube. Remember when i told you that im more sensitive now haha? Well when i read what you sent (you and dad both) about Stephen carrying Bens bag i teared up a bit, in fact right now im all teary eyed. It seems that Stephen has matured alot and im glad--ben too. For that reason im glad im in the mission--its like automatic blessings for the family--of course im going to have to pay for my lack of diligence and stuff like that like it says in Jacob 1:19 but the family is blessed no matter how i work here and thats good. Good for UofA. Bad for the Dodgers. Tanks for the message about the sac. meeting and thanks for buying the "G's." Im good with the cds and the razor heads. This week i bought really cheap razor heads (10 for 18 pesos--thats like $1.25) and it cut me reallybad haha. Oh well. Papa...gracias por compartir eso. Ahorita por algunas cosas que ha hecho los Estados unidos, nos dijeron que no debemos ir a lugares americanos como McDs o walmart. No es algo en que debemos tener miedo sino inteligencia. Muchos han sido bien tontos y han enviado esta noticia a sus mamas y ha causado problemas. Se que no vas a decir nada a mi mama entonces por eso te digo mas porque se que a lo mejor ya sabes. Pero alli esta.

Thats all i got for yall this week. ¡Que tengan buena semana!

--Elder Crisp :)

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