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July 23, 2012

Wow, that news about Uncle John has hit me hard. Even though i didnt really see him very often, its amazing how dificult it is--hes family after all. I will do some praying for him--its definitely tough and i hope that he can get through it to be able to change.

This week we had to take care of some things in the zone and again lost a lot of time. We have 3 weeks left in the transfer and the truth is i dont expect to stay as zone leader. There are many things that i have to improve on and i think it would be best if i had more time to improve those things. But i hope that i can solve those things that i have to solve in these weeks to see more progress. (And i apologize up front for how terrible my english is--im sure almost none of this makes much sense). Yesterday we learned some sad news from a sister in the ward. In our area theres a super market like Albertsons called Soriana. She said that 3 times this week she saw the elders from Aquiles Serdan (my old area) and 2 times with some girls from their area. We called the elders and they denied it all. We called the sister and she had other witnesses from the ward. It made me a little sad because they denied it--its now going to be worse for them because we had to tell the asisitant and hes going to tell Pres. Thats the part that i dont get about some missionaires. THEY JUST CANT OBEY. And you can see how Satan works--he caused them to sin...he made them feel the need to lie...and now they are going to suffer more for their sin and their lies. Its a sad cycle that all of us have, are, or will see in our lives. We ll see what happens with them this week.

I read a part of "Preach my Gospel" this week that i really liked and i pulled out of that a little 6 way tool to deserving blessings. I hope that it can be useful to someone. 6 KEYS TO DESERVE BLESSINGS: 1) Keep the Commandments, 2) Keep temple covenants, 3) Study the Scriptures, 4) Be polite, on time, and trustworthy (follow the Golden Rule), 5) Love Everyone, and 6) HONOR CHRIST IN ALL OUR ACTIONS. If we do all these things, we will be doing all our part. And like it says in D&C 130:19-20 (?), we will receive the blessings that are related to those commandments that we are following. I hope that this will be useful to someone to help them receive more blessings.

This will be a short letter and im sorry for that but we have another training seminar this week (for those who didnt go the last time) and we have to go to the bus station to organize all that stuff about who is going to stay with who and all that jazz. I am going to ask a couple favors from my mother....1) Say Happy Birthday to Josh this Thursday!!!!!!!!!! 2) Could you send me Hadens mission address 3) Keep me updated on how much the US dominates in the olympics. That will de all for now :) Well i hope you all have an awesome week.

¡Que tengan buena semana!

--Elder Crispy :) And the pics will have to wait. Sorry :(