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August 27, 2012

Well this week was pretty good. This past couple weeks have been really tough. We havent been able to find new people to teach but i have been working really hard--i felt like i deserved something, someone to teach--that my work was enough to have SOME success. But this weeek i left tose thoughts and feelings behind and just went to work. We found many people this week including a woman named Noemi. We had been looking for a reference in her house, but they had given us the reference wrong and we found her. She was so interested, asking a bunch of questions and when we were talking about how theres a lving prophet she was so surprised and excited. It was a really special lesson and i felt the spirit so strong as we were talking to her. Hopefully she is not like almost all of the investigatros weve had--we teach em once and then they disappear from the face of the earth. Hopefully she is really ready. And found some other people that were really interested--we´ll see how much this week. In my studying of the scriptures, i have been reading one chapter from the BofM, one from the new testament and one from the old testament. This week i finished up Genesis and the story of Joseph. I really liked the story of Joseph and his example, and it has helped me in this weeks that i have been struggling even though i have been working. He was doing all he could and then he was accused of something he didnt do. He was in jail for 2 YEARS and then the Pharoah had his dream. When Joseph followed the spirit to interpret it, he recieved his reward. That reward was control of all Egypt--Pharoah let him do whatever he wanted. Because of that power he was able to help his family--the same brothers that sold him itno slavery, he helped. His patience and his faithfulness to God allowed him to enjoy those blessings and help him family to enjoy them too. In these past weeks i have felt as i am sure Joseph felt alot as he sat in jail--"what more do i have to do?" I told President Cantu of those feelings and he reminded me of the story of Abinadi. He did all he could to teach and to do what he knew was right and they killed him. He NEVER knew that Alma had been converted. I like to think that i have more converts than i know, but if not, at least i know that i have been working. But that also means that i have to KEEP working. And thats what i am going to do.

Awesome to hear about Mckenna, well Sister Snell. Who knows how you say Sister in Russian. Its probabley something like ajksdhfehiuaiueoij. And nice to hear about Grandmas birthday. Happy birthday to Katie too, and Kent. If you see em, tell em for me, Thanks. It was nice to hear from a few people today. And it was really nice to hear from Stephen last week. That now totals 4 times from Ben and Stephen. Progress!

(Worldly Alert) Robbie is a stud. Thats awesome that his family was there--i cant even imagine how special that would be. I have to say that i knew that Adrian Gonzalez was on the Dodgers--i saw a newspaper and i read it, but obviously i didnt read the article--i just saw it on the front. But Carl Crawford and Josh Beckett?!!! Thats awesome. In like 2 weeks youll see the difference. Its like when they got Manny. They didnt change immediately but in the long run they won the division. (End of worldly alert)

Oh last week iwas going to share an experience but in my struggles with english i forgot. Two weeks ago we went with a family--the mom served a mission but her husband isnt a member and shes got 3 kids--2 boys a 21 year old and a 17 year old who is going to turn 18(i dont know if you knew, but here in Mexico because of stupid college laws, they are allowed to leave on a mission when they turn 18). My comp started to talk to them about the mission (the sister said that neither wanted to go) and we started to share scriputres and all that. I left feelign the spirit, feeling that they would both serve a little later. But that sunday in the morning the sister called us and was really excited. She said "my son, Rodolfo (the 17 year old) decided to go on the mission, and its your fault (obviously she was kidding about it being our "fault"haha.)" it was super special--i wasa so glad that we were there to share that with him--hes going to help many people. A couple days later the older one decided he is giong to go too. They both are filling out their papers and are super excited. It was a really special experience. I dont think we said anything that made them make that decision, but we had the spirit and they were able to feel it through out words.

WEll thats all i got for you. This thursday weve got zone leader councel and i´m super pumped! Bowling and the spirit. There isnt a better combination. Have an awesome week everyone!

¡Que tengan buena semana! --Elder Crisp :)