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August 6, 2012

Buenos dias! Today i had to write early, so i dont blame you for writing late (or you probably forgot oh well haha). The thing is we have the zone meeting today, and in the entire world there has been a change in the way they do the zone meetings--before we didnt talk about the investigators in the zone meetings--now we will. And they have "commanded" us to have practice sessions--one hour practice sessions. So today at 5 we have to do it because it has to be 2-3 hours. So we had to do things quick and for that reason we are writing a little early. But its all good.

This week we had the zone leader council and it was different. Normally it is directed to all missionaries and not to us, but we have to transmit the info to all missionares. But this time, they addressed us--how we need to change as leaders--we have to love the missionaries that are in our flock and we need to do all we can to help them. They talked about the importance of teaching people instead of lessons, something that i havent done. I have done more presenting info than teaching to the needs of the people. We put it in practice immediately and saw a difference. They talked about asking inspired questions. We had a lessons with a man named Jose and his wife and his son Isaac. He has another son, Jaziel, who is a member--hes got like a year as a member. Normanlly i would have just presented the info, but i put in practice that principal, and i really tried to ask inspired questions to help the brother to understand the importance of the gospel. He is catholic but he doesnt go. He had listened al ittle to the missionaries when his son got baptized but he didnt want to listen really. We FELT the difference in the lesson asking those questions and i know that they did too. Though its more work to teach like that, its worth it, because we are going to teach to their needs. I think this principal is gioong to change my mission.

I have been reading a bit in the Old Testament--i´m in Genesis. This week i read the story from Genesis 22, when the Lord commanded Abraham to sacrifice his son. I thought about the attitude that Abraham had. He didnt wine or complain because he trusted completely in the Lord to help him to get through the trial. In our lives there we havet he same trials, when we are asked to sacrifice something big. But if we do what we need to do, the lord will help. Sometimes, like with Abraham, its a trial of our faith, and we dont need to finish. What matters is our desire and whats in our heart. The Lord knows us and loves us, and he knows that trials and sacrifices help us to learn and we are polished enough to be ready to go to live with him.

I have to say i am struggling to write in english right now--i dont have much time so i am rushing and i am translating from spanish, so its tough haha. So you know, Mom, i got the package and it is awesome, thank you. Thats all i got to say. I{ll probably be in another area with a new companion next week so well see how that goes. Have an awesome week! ¡Que tengan buena semana!

--Elder Crisp

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