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March 12, 2012

Hola! Espero que hayan tenido una semana bien chacalosa y que hayan tenido muchisimo exito en trabajo, escuela, beisbol, atlesimo y todo lo que hayan hecho.
Though i started off the week still a little sketchy, i{m good to go and was good to go starting wednesday. We didn{t have many lessons but the lessons we had were really powerful and we were able to meet many good people. Some of them can{t get baptized right now or anytime soon for the sins of their "husbands" (well one of them) but whatever. I guess i have to explain that story. sio we left the house wednesday and ran into an old investigador. She was Jehovah witness. But she opened her heart, read the BofM and got a testimony. Awesome right? The only problem is she{s not married to her boyfriend but he is married. In fact hes a member and HES STILL MARRIED TO THE WOMAN HE GOT SEALED TO IN THE TEMPLE!!!! Thats pretty bad right? It would be fine if they could just get divorced and married. But this state has the stupidest marriage laws in the world. after a divorce you have to wait a year to get married again. So she cant get baptized for at least a year. so that stinks. But i wanna share an awesome story of a man named Bernabe. WE had gone to go to an appt but it fell through so we went to contact in a super poor part of the area where theyre just little shacks made of aluminium slates and wood. WE contacted this man named BErnabe. Hes the saddest man i have seen in my life. Hes from southern mexico, from the state of Puebla. The mother of his two daughters who live there recently died. His brother was recently murdered. He doesn{t have a job. He doesnt have any friends. What an honor it was to testify of the restored gospel of Jesus Christ to this man who needed it the most. He was super excited to go to church but hes not the most intelligent man in the world--in fact i think he has some brain damage which complicates things cause we woke him up and he was super excited, we went for the ride, came back, and his neighbor said he left to gather wood to strenghten his little hut. He completely forgot. But we are gonna work with him. The investigador we have closest to baptism is Yaneth. She is awesome awesome awesome. Shes only 17 and she has a kid and is living with a guy but shes got the maturity of a 25 year old. The probably is that--shes not married to the guy. But the guy is a member. She really wants to get married but hes apprehensive.  But we were able to talk to him and get him pumped to get out there and get married. WE told him to pray about it. To end the lesson, he said the prayer and asked in that moment if it was time to get married. He ended, stood up, and asked, "so if we get married this week, she can get baptized this week too?" In that moment he got his answer. I mean he already knew what he had to do but it was reassured in that moment. So theyre probably gonna get married this week and shes gonna get baptized the next. Awesome aweseom awesome. REally this was a good week--although it was like a half week, and although we had to leave behind a couple investigators which is always sad, it was good.
Im glad to hear that life is going good. [[WORLDLY ALERT]] Ben did NOT send me the brackets and i am very disappointed in him haha. Too bad about Peyton--my guess is Miami. Sorry mom. Everything is going to work out with the Dodgers. I just know it. Thats it for the worldly stuff. Very surprising to hear about Stephen. Where did that come from? Awesome to hear about Ben and Stephen doing work in baseball. More than anything I am glad to hear that Amy is doing well. I prayed really hard for ya Ames that youd make the right choice and im sure you have. Just remember that you promised that you would not get married until i get back. You wont want to see the consequences of breaking that promise. Keep your eye out for those returned missioaries--they are ruthless, like vultures. Remember the consequences of your actions haha. Youll do fine in Utah, except in the winter. Youll probably freeze to death. To answer your questions: Its getting super hot. Its all desert here so its gonna suck in the summer, ill probably die. In my area there arent any tourists--its the area farthest from the beach. But we went way far away to do the shopping today and there were a bunch of tourists. It was super weird. Its weird, my area is like Mexico. Everywhere else here is tourist spots with McDonalds and things like that. In fact we stopped to get a sundae and some french fries. Awesome :) Its so freaking hard to write and speak in English right now you have no idea. Reading is alright--no problems there. But writing and speaking is all problems. And thats yer answers for the day. Dad...how awesome that you get to go to Japan--maybe mom will relearn japanese by being there. Lets hope. by the way mom, everyone i know here respects you like no other cause you served there. I always tell people that. Its normal with Dad is Chile but theyre always like NO WAY! when i say you servedin Japan. So thats awesome. Still havent gotten mission stories from ya. Im still waiting on that. And i would like to remind you about the promise you made to learn japanese before i get back. Yeah, that promise is still good haha. And by the way, jsut send it to the mission office. Itll get there before the next zone meeting.
Well thats all the time ive got. Hope you have an awesome week. I sure will!
¡Que tengan buena semana!
--Elder Crisp
Oh and by the way just so ya know. We just got word that Elder Tenorio from the Seventy is gonna visit the mission! Thatll be awesome. Just thought youd wanna know. Bye! Oh and pics will come soon.