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September 17, 2012

This week Elder Zufelt and i talked alot more in English so its a little easier for me to write and think in English. Ill start out answering some of your questions and commenting on your comments. Mom....its still really hot but i dont know if it is as hot as there--of course its differnt because here its super humid and its dry up there. But it should cool down going into October....i dont have any yellow stains in my armpits--my shirts are super white :) My shoes are still in perfect condition--theyll easily last me all my mission.One thing that i would like is a oil container--i lost mine a long time ago and i have a little bottle but it leaks a little bit. When you can (along with the CDs)....i have been able to play the guitar a little bit when theres one available--of course i cant play the guitar en sac meeting. I have been able to practice playing the piano and i have been perfecting a version of "Nearer my god to thee." Maybe someday i{ll record it with me camera and send it. I plan on studying a little bit of music when i get back--but theres a bunch of time to go....Papa....bautizaste a 26 en una semana??!! Esta loco eso. Tal vez el señor ahorita te esta preparando para tener un cargo en la estaca--no se si sea casualidad que te hayan relevado semanas antes que reemplacen cargos en la estaca. Todavia hace calor aqui pero no tanto--la verdad se quejan mucho aqui--hace calor pero no tienen que mencionarlo a cada rato--Aguantense pues! Me doy cuenta del calor pero no me quejo--estoy aqui por una razon, pero si estoy agradecido que ya se va el calor ahorita y que no tendre que aguantarlo otra vez aqui :)....Amy....I am glad to hear that you are happy. Thats always the point--if we are happy, it doesnt matter whats going on around us--cause were happy! Going to the temple was one of the greatest blessings that i have had--the chance to go every week for 5 hours every week was such a blessing and at the time i didnt even realize that i was recieving a promise from my patriarchal blessing! Go to the temple as often as you can. The logan temple is legit--its one that looks like a castle right?

Well we had the great blessing this week of having Joses baptism--FINALLY!!!! He didnt want it to be a big deal so he didnt invite anyone and we had like 6 people there--kinda lame but thats how he wanted it. E. Zufelt and i sang a specail muscial number--we sang "nearer my god to thee" the first 3 verses in english and the last one in spanish. It was pretty cool and i felt the spirit really strong--i hope everyone else did. We also got an awesome change in the ward here--they called new counselors in the bishopric--two of the most faithful brothers in the ward-- Brother Rosas and Bro. Lopez. Its going to change the ward here. Also they announced that here in Mexico they are going to put a new program in practice--that includes working with members more. WE WILL NOT BE ALLOWED TO KNOCK DOORS. And if the ward doesnt work--they are going to pull out the missionaries in that ward. So they have to. They said its in practice in 7 stakes in Mexico and they have DOUBLED the number of baptisms along with a great amount of reactived members. It should change Mexico and maybe the work in all the world. Also a small bit of news--i got sick. Yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have colitis--another sickness thatll never leave. Now i have two--typhoid and colitis. I am collecting sicknesses as souvenirs :) My stomach hurts a little bit but with the medicine its controlled. So dont worry. But for that really this week kinda sucked. Luis, "the boy from the bus" disappeared. He doesnt answer his phone and hes never home. Well see about him. The truth is we have lost a lot of the investigators that we have found in the past two weeks. But this week we are going to work our butts off the finish up this transfer--ITS ALREADY THE LAST WEEK OF THE TRANSFER! I am 99.99999% sure that i am going to leave but for that reason i am going to work as hard as i can right now so that i can deserve blessings in my new area.

Well i hope you have an awesome week and that you can read the scriptures everyday, pray everyday, and go to church on sunday. Thats the formula to happiness. I am excited for general conference and to hear about the new stake presidency. Tjhay told us in a zone conferecne alittle bit about the process of finding a stake president--they start with the current presidency, and if they dont find a new one, then bishops, and from there bishoprics, and high priests and from there they check everyone until they find a new stake president--and the two that are interviewing have to be 100% on board to call the stake president. So you can always know that its inspiration. Have an awesome week! ¡Que tengan buena semana!

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