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October 8, 2012

Wow. Being in Costa Rica, we couldnt go to the Saturday sessions--heck Sunday we had to take a bus to Culiacan (where i saw all the members i love from there :) ). So i didnt see the big news. Until now. Thats just crazy. I remembered hearing in the Sunday sessions that someone talked about a change that was announced but i never imagined that. Well here in Mexico that was already in effect because here if you start college you have to finish it--you cant leave and come back to it, but this is really going to affect the number of missionaries in the field. These are the kind of changes that really change the world. I already wrote Stephen a letter, but i hope we can all support him. There are many people waiting for him :) and maybe this change will let them have the gospel sooner. We´ll see what answer he gets :) Well this week was just awesome for feeling the spirit and receiving revelation. I left a copy of some of the notes from "Concilio" (Counsel), where Sister Cantu and President Cantu talked about conversion (like Elder Bednar--they were truly inspired) and about changing our character--it has a TON of scriptures that are just awesome so i put it in. We had made it for our zone, so its in spanish--Dad can translate it. I want to share one with you from Psalms 119: "104 Through thy precepts I get understanding: therefore I hate every false way. 105 Thy aword is a lamp unto my feet, and a light unto my path." We have now recieved the word--the most recent scriptures available were given to us yesterday and Saturday. Now is the time to put it all in practice. And when we do, we will really see the difference in our lives. From the Sunday session i learned sooooooo much. I took 7 pages of notes from those sessions of notes alone! And the pages are huge! I LOVED E. Holland´s talk. And its so true what he mentioned about returned missionaries--"Every missionary that has been in the baptismal faunt and has put his hand to the square and said ´having been commissioned of Jesus Christ,´ needs to remember that that commission is forever." That is sooooo true. I loved President Monson´s talk. I loved Elder Bednar´s talk about conversion. Like i said, we heard that in the concilio last tuesday too. I also liked Elder Daniel Johnson´s talk (by the way he´s the area president of Mexico and he speaks spanish PERFECTLY. He did he own translation and he sounds like a mexican--just thought youd like to know that :) ). I liked Elder Clarke´s talk about the sacrament. Its super important to take that time to ponder about the atonement--sometimes i get to worried about investigators being in church that i forget that important part about the sacrament.It was flat out solid. I hope that we can all study all the talks--i am looking forward to next week when i will be able to read the talks to study the ones that i could not see. I hope all of you can too :)

I´m going to leave behind the worldly stuff--so when the world series ends and i know the winner, can you stop telling me about it? I remember my trainer did the same thing--he told his family to stop telling him when he had 6 months left. When the world series ends, i will have 7 months left. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! Thats crazy. Thank you for your cooperation (but remember, tell me all about the playoffs and then AFTER, stop :) Gracias) That stinks about the dodgers though. Next year. And wo wo wo wo-- The A´s beat out the Rangers??? That´s awesome. Ok thats all for the worldly stuff......My Cd player is doing fine. Just waiting for CDs :)... And i did NOT get letters from the YW. It takes awhile for letters to get here-- it takes longer for letters to arive than packages. So i´m sure they will get here-- i did get a letter from Nathan and i just sent one for him. It´ll arive in like 2 weeks (thats kinda ridiculous, i know).

Well i hope that you just have the most awesome-est (i am fully aware that that is not a word) week ever! ¡Que tengan buena semana todos!

--Elder Crisp :)